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Things You Never Knew about Moving in Arvada, Colorado

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Arvada, CO moving consultationThe City of Arvada, Colorado with its Olde Town Arvada first became famous due to the discovery of gold although it never really caught on here. Today you find residents enjoying the town for all its charm and advancements.

Many claim that moving is a simple but stressful job. That is why there are many Arvada, CO cross country moving companies out there who work to make moving easy for you. However, even with professionals handling the job for you, there are certain things that you should know about so that you do not get taken for a ride.

5 Things you Never Knew about Moving

  • Your Arvada long distance moving company is supposed to give you a little booklet which lets you know about your rights while moving which was compiled by the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration). When you have gone through the booklet, you will know what you can expect and demand from your Arvada cross country moving company. Most people are unaware of this helpful booklet and they go through moving ignorantly.
  • There is a difference between valuation and actual calculation for insurance. So be sure to find out what the local or cross country moving company in Arvada, CO has done before you start. You can ask them to explain to you about their responsibility should any loss or damage occurs.
  • When you speak to a local or inter state mover, it could be the company or a broker through whom you are dealing with. Although there are advantages when working with brokers, they have no authority to give you estimates. So make sure that the estimate that the broker shows is from the Arvada cross country moving company and that it is binding. A broker also will not be responsible for your goods and you would have to ask the company about its policies.
  • In case you want to know whether there are complaints lodged against the local or Arvada cross country mover, you can always get the information through the FMCSA as stipulated by the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).  However, there might be a small fee to access the information but it will be worth it. It is always better to find out all you can about the company rather than facing unpleasant experiences later on.
  • You are not under the regulations of the interstate transportation but your mover is. The movers have to abide by the regulations for household goods especially when the move is taking place across different commercial zones. Also the mover can make you pay on time as expected by the regulations. However, if your move takes place within a single commercial zone then you do not have to pay.

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Resolving Disputes

Now the whole point of the telling you about the top five, is so that you will not get into conflicts with your mover. However, if you do, never deal directly with the actual people involved with the move. You can take it over with the customer care or whoever was in charge when you went. Keep a copy of the terms and conditions always with you so that the mover cannot cheat you. You have the right to sue your mover when you are in Arvada, Colorado but you should also try to settle claims out of court to prevent needless hassles.

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How far away from Arvada, CO ?

Moving from Arvada, CO to Albuquerque, NM 6 h 21 min, 455.8 mi
Moving from Arvada, CO to Aurora, CO 29 min, 19.4 mi
Moving from Arvada, CO to Chandler, AZ 12 h 45 min, 867.5 mi
Moving from Arvada, CO to Colorado Springs, CO 1 h 15 min, 79.4 mi
Moving from Arvada, CO to Denver, CO 25 min, 10.2 mi
Moving from Arvada, CO to Mesa, AZ 12 h 31 min, 860.4 mi
Moving from Arvada, CO to Phoenix, AZ 12 h 27 min, 818.4 mi
Moving from Arvada, CO to Tucson, AZ 12 h 38 min, 903.5 mi

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