Taking Your Car With You To Your New Home? Choosing The Right Company To Ship Your Car

If you’re moving to a new place, acquiring a car from someone far away, or simply need to transport a car for whatever reason, then it’s important that you contact an auto transport company. While it may look easy in the outset, there are a few guidelines to make sure you can get the best value and service for your budget. Here are some steps you need to do to make sure you’ll be satisfied with your auto transport experience.




Get some quotes

Don’t just settle for one company. Compare transport quotes from at least 5 companies. Do make sure to input correct information as much as possible, so you have an accurate quotation. Factors such as modifications and cars that are not in operating condition may cost in the quotations, depending on how they can affect transport factors.


The lowest price is not the best choice

Some companies will lure you with an extremely low quote, and then scout out carriers who will accept the quote they offered to you, if no one bites, then they’ll get back to you to ask for a higher quote, and so on. They’ll do this until you get a quote that may have been the same as the others, only in this case, you’ve been delayed. Of the many offers you research, look at the quotes which are on the average or slightly higher side.


Do some company research

Scan through auto transport review sites and the Better Business Bureau, and the company’s web site, to find out more about them. See if the reviews are generally positive, and take note of negative posts, and what they were about. Find out if they’ve been around a long time, as many questionable companies resurface every few years with new names. Make sure they are bonded, and that the carriers are licensed and insured. Find out how they take care of disputes. All these points are important, just in case something happens. Remember, it’s your car on the line.

Once you sign, everything should be on “paper”

If you will sign up with one transport company, do request for a fax and e-mail confirmation. If you can, you should even ask for copies of the contract to be delivered to your doorstep by priority mail. Do reread all the fine print, and if something seems unclear, ask for clarification with them. It’s also a good idea to check with a legal advisor, if necessary.

Empty your car

It’s always a good idea to empty your car of all personal effects and anything else that you can remove. This will reduce its weight, and this can lessen certain costs.

Clean and inspect your car

Aside from cleaning out your car’s insides, you should also give your car a good cleaning on the outside, and then take note of any imperfections as you see them. If you can photograph your car extensively, do so. You should also get a copy of the inspector’s notes. When you do receive your car at the destination point, you can compare notes to see if there’s any issue.