How to choose the right household goods moving company

Moving away from everything familiar is already a big decision in itself, and this is made even more stressful by knowing you’ll be moving far away. There’s no need to add to that stress by having unpleasant surprises pulled on you by a poor choice of company for your household goods moving strategy.

Request for specific, written estimates from several companies

Realistically, they won’t be able to give you an extremely specific cost analysis unless they check what they’re going to move. However, they should be able to send you a specific cost estimate, or, even better, give you cost brackets and package options for your moving needs. And don’t go for the cheaper ones, as there are horror stories of companies like this who won’t offload your household goods until you pay for “added” or “special” costs. The low cost may have been a basic amount, without taking into account certain factors.

Operating licenses are necessary
Do check with government agencies, particularly if you have to move across states. If this requires that they have licenses for both states, then make sure they do. If you’re moving within the state, make sure the license they present is recognized by your local government or consumer agency, both for your current place and your new destination.

Check on their insurance and customer service

This is an uncomfortable subject to research on, but you have to do it. The first thing to do is find out exactly what their insurance coverage is, and if it’s okay with you. Don’t forget to check on the fine print. Also, do look for reviews on how they handle damage claims. You should also clarify the process for this with the company, before you sign on the dotted line.

There is no such thing as a “generic” move.
How a person or family moves from house to house is a very specific experience. Do check with the prospective moving companies, if they can take into consideration personal requests for certain household goods. For example, you may have a grandfather clock that can’t be collapsed, but is fragile enough that it needs special attention. Find out how they will deal with such a thing.

Do look for moving companies that also offer expanded services, such as helping you actually move your household goods into your new home, according to a floor plan you will provide. Some of them may even offer house cleaning options, so that your house won’t look so dirty once everything is unpacked.

Give yourself time

Do your research a month or two before it’s actually time to move, at the very least. This way, you can also discuss with the companies you’ve shortlisted about any special requests. Also, you’ll be able to find out if there are added costs, or services that they are willing to offer at an optional cost addition.

While this may be a bit tedious, if you properly deal with these matters, it will mean much less headaches in the future – something you need, since you also have to deal with settling into the new home as a family.

Finding A Reputable Cross Country Moving Company!

tips to find a reputable moving company

In today’s society people find in moving from place to place a real way of keeping a little dynamism in their life. For different reasons, people tend move a lot during their lifetime and always end up dreaming about the ideal house in the ideal country. Moving has become a quite easy action because of the companies which facilitate the transportation of your stuff. There are many state to state moving companies which can move your belongings if you are planning to change your residence. But with so many possibilities and so many companies, knowing which services are reliable can be a real life challenge. If you do not know how to choose the right company for your moving process, these tips for sure will help you know more.

1. Experience and Popularity

A reputable moving company is based on long time experience. You can search in your local town or even on the internet different companies which can cater your needs. So you just have to make sure that people with whom you are talking know what they are doing. Having realistic references is quite a useful thing if you are searching online. You will find former clients who talk about the efficiency of the services and about the experience of the company. Read More

Picking The Right Cross Country Moving Company

Tips to Pick the right moving company

It is clear that today’s society offers a variety of opportunities to work and travel. Nowadays people have more chances to visit new places and get acquainted with them. That is why folks move from a place to another in order to find the ideal home that they have always dreamed about. But sometimes moving your stuff can turn into a real headache. Heavy things like furniture or a piano are quite hard to move from one residency to the next. But luckily there are many cross country moving companies which can help you move your stuff quite easily. If you wonder how to choose the right company, here are some tips that can help you.


First of all, check out the company`s experience. Make sure they have done this work before and people were pleased with their work. Also you can check the environment in which your stuff is placed and make sure that upon the arrival to the new place, nothing will be damaged. Also each time the cross country moving companies will tell you from the start all the details about the moving process like how much it costs or how far they need to travel. Make sure that they include every important part. If you have questions do not hesitate to ask them in order for all information to be accurate. Read More