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Lakeland, FL Moving ConsultationCedar Rapids is the second largest city in Iowa. Home to the Cedar Rapids baseball team as well as the Cedar Rapids Rough Riders hockey team, the city has strong ties to sports. It’s also a great city for arts and entertainment with the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art and many flourishing restaurants and clubs for entertainment for all ages.

Maybe you’re a resident of Cedar Rapids and you need to move to a new neighborhood? Or maybe you live in a nearby city or state and are planning to move to the area. Regardless of whether you’re moving within the city or to or from it, our professional moving team is standing by to provide you with stress free moving services. We’ve been in business for 25 years and we know our customers want professionals that they can fully trust with their personal property. Our friendly staff and professional cross country moving services has made us the premiere moving long distance company in the Cedar Rapids area. We’re proud to say that our customers refer us to others, and we have a plethora of repeat business from satisfied customers.

When you initially contact us for a free price quote, whether by filling out a form online or by calling a member of our staff, we start by gathering information about your specific moving circumstances and we work hard to make sure you are paired up with the necessary equipment and services to meet your relocation needs best. Do you need some help with packing? Our team will provide you with assistance packing as well as with the needed materials to make sure everything is packed securely. We want to make sure that your belongings have a safe trip to the new home or office location. When it’s time for your physical move to begin, our local and long distance  movers will be on time and ready to load the truck with careful handling of all of your possessions.

We make sure that all of your furnishings are carefully wrapped prior to transport. If anything needs to be taken apart, we’ll take care of disassembly before it is loaded and will reassemble when we deliver. When we take care of the work for you, you never have to worry about hurting yourself by lifting heavy furniture or other items and you’ll have the comfort of knowing all of your household will be taken care of with careful and precise care at all times.

Cedar Rapids Cross Country Moving Companies offers local, long distance, international, automobile, piano and heavy furnishings, corporate and business relocation and commercial moving. We take pride in making sure your move goes smoothly, is cost effective and as quick as possible.

Our professional moving representatives will be able to fully steer you through each step of the moving process and can give you professional tips and advice on how to ensure a smooth move. When our customers are ready to begin their move, we make sure it is stress free, completely structured around individual needs and preferences and is based on the most affordable competitive pricing around the Cedar Rapids area.

How far away from Cedar Rapids, IA?

Moving from Cedar Rapids Iowa to Branson, MO 6 h 50 min, 439.1 mi
Moving from Cedar Rapids Iowa to Denver, CO 11 h 18 min, 798.8 mi
Moving from Cedar Rapids Iowa to Dubuque, IA 1 h 17 min, 72.5 mi
Moving from Cedar Rapids Iowa to Madison, WI 2 h 43 min, 164.3 mi
Moving from Cedar Rapids Iowa to Minneapolis, MN 4 h 11 min, 275.3 mi
Moving from Cedar Rapids Iowa to Omaha, NE 4 h, 266.5 mi
Moving from Cedar Rapids Iowa to San Diego, CA 27 h, 1,872.2 mi
Moving from Cedar Rapids Iowa to St Louis, MO 4 h 25 min, 284.6 mi

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How to Prepare for Moving Day

Once you have made plans to have the moving team arrive to pack and load the truck, you will want to make sure the home or office is ready for their arrival. There are a few small things you can do to help ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible.

  • Try to make sure that all walkways, halls and areas that the movers will need to move through have been cleared and are debris-free.
  • Make sure the driveway is empty for the moving truck.
  • If possible, leave all wall hangings, including large pictures, on the walls until the rest of the home has been cleared of boxes. It’s much easier to load pictures onto the truck last.
  • If you have children or pets, try to make sure they will not be underfoot during the move.
  • If you need assistance with packing boxes, be sure to let the representative know in advance so the team will be ready to pack!

For a free price quote you can fill out the form on this page. If you would like to ask a question about moving services or have a member of our friendly staff provide you with some tips or advice on how to make your move as easy as possible, feel free to call us anytime, day or night.

 Dial  1-888-316-9603 for free moving consultation from the leading Long Distance Moving Company in Cedar Rapids, IA! Get a free and instant moving quote!Cedar Rapids, Iowa Cross Country Movers

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Cedar-rapids.com – Cedar Rapids is a vibrant city, encompassing unique attractions, exciting events, specialty shopping, a dynamic arts scene, and a cosmopolitan nightlife.
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