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Corpus Christi, Texas Moving ConsultationThe coastal town of Corpus Christi ranks number eight in the most highly populated city of Texas.The port of Corpus Christi is the fifth biggest in the country and there are many Corpus Christi cross country moving companies which make full use of it.Some of the services that the local or cross country moving companies in Corpus Christi, Texas provide are the following –

  • Relocation services for homes
  • Relocation services for business organizations and offices
  • Packingfragile items, big items, furniture and expensive stuff
  • Moving vehicles like cars, boats and motorcycles
  • Packing and moving electronic items, computer terminals and technical equipments

Moving is still a big job which can add a lot of stress when not done in the right way. So it is essential that we know how to do the job from start to finish properly.

Local Moves

Even if you are moving with the city of Corpus Christi, you still have to plan the move wisely. The first thing to do is to contact a local mover. Find out the following things from them –

Whether your Friendly Neighborhood Mover does Local Moves – some of them specialize only in moving across the country or in international moves. However, most of the movers do local moves and will even help you to move across the street. In case, you are not able to find one, just flip through the yellow pages or Google it.

Whether They Offer Moving Services and/or Storage Facilities – some of them will offer only one of the two services and when you need both services they might give you a concession.

Whether They will Pack your Belongings – Professional movers will know how to pack your heirloom plates, your fragile furniture and even your bathtub. When movers also pack, they will bring with them all the packing materials and supplies.

Whether They are Registered with the United States Department of Transportation – this will help you know that you have made the right choice.

How far away from Corpus Christi, TX?

Moving from Corpus Christi, TX to Dallas, TX 6 h 16 min, 400.7 mi
Moving from Corpus Christi, TX to El Paso, TX 9 h 17 min, 692.3 mi
Moving from Corpus Christi, TX to Houston, TX 3 h 9 min, 209.0 mi
Moving from Corpus Christi, TX to New Orleans, LA 8 h 11 min, 556.0 mi
Moving from Corpus Christi, TX to Orlando, FL 16 h 53 min, 1,170.9 mi
Moving from Corpus Christi, TX to Rockport, TX 32 min, 31.3 mi
Moving from Corpus Christi, TX to South Padre Island, TX 2 h 54 min, 175.0 mi
Moving from Corpus Christi, TX to Tucson, AZ 13 h 48 min, 1,011.1 mi

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Tips to Make Your Move Easier

Even if it is just a local move, it is still a big job which can stress you out both physically and psychologically. So here are a few tips for better packing and peace of mind –

  1. Start Collecting the Right Packing Materials – Sometimes the boxes that we get when we buy electronic goods can be reused. Only make sure that they are strong enough to hold your belongings. Ask your neighbors and friends for packing materials that they no longer use to save money. If you are not able to collect the materials this way, then buy them at least six weeks before the move so that you will be organized before the actual packing takes place. Tip: Instead of buying bubble wrap, you can use your woolen clothes to act as buffer.
  2. Research Before Hiring a Moving Company – Never hire the first company that you see online but take the time to get quotes from at least five companies. Most local or long distance moving companies in Corpus Christi will give you a quote based on a small to medium sized household moving requirements. In such case, ask them to give on-site quotes which will be much more accurate rather than online calculators. Tip: Get a hard copy of the estimate from the Corpus Christi long distance company rather than just depending on word of mouth.  This way they will not be able to change their estimate too much.
  3. Have a Moving File – This file will hold all details pertaining to the move like the estimate given, number of boxes that were packed, all relevant receipts and copies of important documents. Tip: you can also keep an extra copy in case you accidently pack the one that you are using.
  4. Give your Belongings a Cleanup – You would have collected a whole lot of things, most of which you would have even forgotten about. Harden your heart and throw out things that you do not need but are keeping only for memory sake. This will also help you to pack better and there will a lot less to take to your new house. Tip: You can arrange for a garage sale and make some money while throwing things out of the house.
  5. Enlist the Help of Friends and Relatives – You can make packing easier when you delegate the job to your near and dear ones. The job will be a whole lot faster and more fun when you make it into a social get together. Tip: make sure you have plenty of snacks as packing is a big job.

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Moving Tips for Families with Children

Keep Important Documents Handy – For families with children, moving can be very stressful as it involves critical decisions, such as transferring the kids to a new school. So you will have to keep all the school documents with you and pack them along with other important documents. Go the school as soon as you know that you have to move and have the old school transfer the relevant records to the new school.

Let the Children Manage Their Things – Have the children get involved in the packing by giving them their own boxes to pack their toys, books and clothes. However, you will have to supervise their packing and help them out when they try to pack heavy stuff.

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