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Everything You Need to Know About Local Movers in Durham, North Carolina

Durham, NC Long Distance Moving Companies

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Durham is the fourth biggest city in North Carolina and is also the county seat of Durham County. When you look at it in the context of population, it becomes the 85th most populated city in the US. It is estimated that around 9 million visit the city every year and people love to move here. If you have children you can take them to visit Durham Central Park Skatepark, Wheels Fun Park and Durham Bulls Athletic Park. Nature lovers can soak in the beauty of the area when they visit Little River Regional Park and Nature Trail, Eno River State Park and Penny’s Bend.

When you want to move to or move from Durham and you think that it is only going to be a local move, here is what you need to know.

Durham, NC Local Moves

  1. Normal Charges – When you do not have to move for more than 40 – 100 miles, then it will be considered as a local move and it is usually inexpensive. It might be calculated on an hourly basis but some companies will charge a flat rate depending upon the destination and the amount of things that have to be taken. If the company that you have hired works on an hourly basis, then expect to pay anywhere between $75 – $120 per hour.
    If the movers charge you less than $75, then they might not be licensed movers and you would be better off without them. You can also expect the estimate to be more if you have a lot of things and you need a bigger van. Plan your move in such a way that you will not have to combat peak hour traffic which will delay the move and cost you extra.
  2. Additional Charges There might be additional expenses that you might have to pay if you ask them to do your packing for you. In case your house or apartment is located in a narrow street where vans cannot come, then the movers might charge an additional fee called long carry fee to carry your boxes from your house to the van. The charge to pack a one room could be around $100 but it also depends upon how much stuff is in one room.
    Note: Local movers charge from port to port which means that they will start the clock as soon as they leave their office and not from when they leave your house. Again the time ends only when they reach their office and not when they leave you off at your new place. So when you choose local movers, choose ones that are as close to your house as possible. However, there are movers who charge a flat rate and in such cases their clock will start from the time they arrive at your house. You will have to ask your mover about all these things before you hire them.
  3. Labor Only Local MovesMost people prefer to do the packing on their own to save on moving charges and they only pay for the labor. So then the moving labor charge can be anywhere between $40 to $75 for an hour. However, there is a minimum amount that you will be required to pay even if you cut down on other services. So ask the company for an estimate and check it thoroughly.
  4. Making your Local Move Easy and Cost Effective This requires a lot of work on your part and you will have to start packing and organizing as early as you can so that the movers can leave as soon as they come to your house. If you have large items like a freezer or big electronic items, you will have to inform the movers ahead of time so that they will come prepared to pack and move such things. It will help if you inform the company of the following points as well –
    •  The number of rooms in your house and this includes basement and attic as well.
    • If it is an apartment, then the floor in which yours is and whether the movers can use the elevator.
    • Whether you need to disassemble and reassemble electronic goods.
  5. To Tip or Not To TipThis is entirely at your own discretion but most people have no idea of how much to give. So if you were to tip, then you can calculate and give around 5% of the final bill amount. However, if the moving team consisted of 3 or 4 employees, then you will have to tip them individually and not give it to the man in charge.

How far away from Durham, NC?

Moving from Durham, NC to Asheville, NC 3 h 26 min, 224.2 mi
Moving from Durham, NC to Baltimore, MD 4 h 47 min, 297.9 mi
Moving from Durham, NC to Charlotte, NC 2 h 14 min, 142.7 mi
Moving from Durham, NC to Charlottesville, VA 3 h 8 min, 167.5 mi
Moving from Durham, NC to Myrtle Beach, SC 3 h 22 min, 205.8 mi
Moving from Durham, NC to Philadelphia, PA 6 h 20 min, 398.8 mi
Moving from Durham, NC to Raleigh, NC 30 min, 25.0 mi
Moving from Durham, NC to Wilmington, NC 2 h 19 min, 158.5 mi

Durham NC Moving Company Reviews

You can also divide the tipping unequally based on who did the maximum work for you. So go ahead and tip unless the moving company has strong policies about not tipping their workers.

Qualifications of an Experienced Durham, NC Cross Country Mover

Whatever the move, you will want the people who handle your delicate chinaware and your expensive electronic goods expertly. All Durham, NC long distance moving companies will assure you that they will send only the most experienced moving team to your house but you can never know for sure unless they start packing. The movers will have to know just how to pack each and every item. So ask the local or cross country moving companies in Durham, NC about their experience and references if any.

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