Follow These Tips and Tricks to Stay Organized for Your Cross Country Move

After booking a date with a reliable and reputable cross country mover, start getting ready for the move. Of course, the more services and features you take advantage of with the mover, the less you will have to worry about. However, the most important factor in a successful relocation is organization and preparation.

  • Study the area you are moving to. If you haven’t been there, visit or go online to learn about the state. Learn about common activities and the placement of common facilities.
  • Begin packing, room by room. Start in the room you use the least. Pack the boxes by using proper packaging techniques and materials. Label each box clearly with the room it is to be placed in.
  • Have any and all paperwork ready for the movers by the time they arrive. Make sure you give them the key to the next address.
  • Write a list of inventory. The movers will also do this, but it is always good to have your own list to refer to. Not only should you have a list of inventory, but a list of all substantial items that already have signs of damage before the shipping process begins.
  • Clean the house so clutter is absent. Stack the boxes for each room up against the walls so that there is plenty of space for the movers to maneuver the furniture and boxes out of the house. All entryways and hallways should be free of clutter.
  • Be present at the new residence when your belongings arrive. If you cannot be there, ask a responsible party to be there for you, but let the cross country mover know.