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Fort Wayne, IN Moving ConsultationFort Wayneis the second largest city in Indiana and has a lot of attractions to offer the residents of the town. Children love to visit the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo which is rated as one among the top ten zoos in the country covering over 42 acres. When its summer, you’ll love visiting downtown Fort Wayne which is rich in culture, culinary delights and nightlife as well as being the business center of the city.  You can have amazing weekends visiting the Botanical Conservatory, the Museum of Art and the Science Central.

People love staying is Fort Wayne and there are several long distance moving companies in Fort Wayne, IN  that help people get settled in this culturally rich town. However, moving can tend to make the novices a bit apprehensive especially if they were to walk into a Fort Wayne cross country moving company and hear terms such as “reweighs” and “determining costs”. So here is a small list of moving terms that will make you feel like a pro the next time you need to have a little chat with your local or Fort Wayne cross country movers

Moving Terms that you Might Find Useful

  1. Estimated Cost – This is the cost of the move which comprises of the space that you require in a truck, the items that have to be moved and the services provided by the local or Fort Wayne long distance moving company. The company will send a representative over to your house who will survey everything that has to be packed and will then calculate the approximate cost which will then be given to you in a written format as the “estimated cost”.
  2. Binding Estimate – This is the exact and precise cost of the move that is fixed prior to the move. This estimate also includes the space required on the truck or the transportation cost, cost of the services and the items that have to be moved. These estimates are usually valid for two months only. You can add more items that have to be shipped at an extra cost. Also if you require more services than what has been specified, that too will be included in the final bill.
  3. Determining Cost – If you have not been given a binding estimate, then actual cost cannot be determined until the last moment when the goods have been packed and loaded on the truck. Then the truck will be weighed to determine the volume of the shipment.
  4. Flight Charge – this is an additional fee that is paid to the movers to carry your shipment up and down flights of stairs.
  5. Long Carry – this is also additional charges and applies whenever the movers have to carry the goods a fair amount of distance to the van from the place of residence.
  6. Valuation – this is determining the actual worth of your shipment and when the value is more, it will increase the mover’s taking upon a bigger liability. So the valuation fee will compensate the movers for their taking on the bigger liability.
  7. Re-weigh – The correct weight of your cargo is essential to determine the transportation rate. However, if you are not satisfied with the weight taken previously you can ask for a reweigh. Your mover should not ask for an extra fee for reweighing but you and your moving supervisor must be present. So the transportation charges will be based on the new weight and not on the previously taken one.
  8. Appliance Service – this is the service done to prepare any electrical goods to make them safe for the journey.
  9. Accessorial Services – These are additional Fort Wayne local and interstate services such as packing, unpacking and other services apart from transportation services. They cost extra and they will be added to your final bill.
  10. Bill of lading- the Fort Wayne, IN  cross country moving company must give you a bill of lading which will serve as a guarantee that the movers will get their payment and the customers will get their goods delivered to the destination. If you were to pay the mover after the shipment is over, then the bill of lading that you will be having is an order bill of lading. A straight bill of lading shows that you have already paid the movers before the job is done and the goods will be delivered only to the authorized person. You will have a clean bill of lading when your goods arrive at the shipping carrier in a good and undamaged condition. However, a foul bill of lading indicates that the shipping carrier received the goods in a damaged condition.

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How To Become A Shipping Expert

Even after learning the above terms, you might still feel like a fish out of water. So here are a few tips that will help you out during your move and will make you feel like a professional Fort Wayne cross country mover yourself.

  • Keep a file with all the documents, including tracking details.
  • Sign up online for newsletters which will give you useful news and advices on how to move.
  • Stick with one mover if you have found them satisfactory. The reason is that when you change movers, you might not know the kind of services they offer and the services that you have to pay for. Also the movers will know your shipping preferences if you are a regular customer and that will make your shipping easier.

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How far away from Fort Wayne, IN?

Moving from Fort Wayne, IN to Cincinnati, OH 3 h 18 min, 180.4 mi
Moving from Fort Wayne, IN to Cleveland, OH 3 h 20 min, 204.1 mi
Moving from Fort Wayne, IN to Columbus, OH 2 h 49 min, 158.4 mi
Moving from Fort Wayne, IN to Detroit, MI 2 h 39 min, 162.4 mi
Moving from Fort Wayne, IN to Indianapolis, IN 2 h 8 min, 121.6 mi
Moving from Fort Wayne, IN to Lexington, KY 4 h 43 min, 262.0 mi
Moving from Fort Wayne, IN to Louisville, KY 3 h 52 min, 235.8 mi
Moving from Fort Wayne, IN to Toledo, OH 1 h 44 min, 103.4 mi

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