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Moving to or from Fresno, California? We’re here to help! With more than two decades of experience moving individuals, families and business in the area, we are the most experienced and affordable local, long distance and international moving company in Fresno. Here is some basic information that can help you get acquainted with the city if you have an upcoming local or cross country move to Fresno.

Cost of living – The overall cost of living in Fresno is slightly higher than the national average, though it is definitely on the more affordable end of the scale for California. The biggest cost increases you’ll likely incur when moving to Fresno are for food and utilities.

Calculate and compare the cost of living in Fresno with other U.S. cities by using the cost of living calculator from 

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 Things to do – Fresno is home to many community, outdoor and cultural events throughout the year. Whether you’re looking for shopping, tours, parks, museums, live entertainment, sporting events, recreation or seasonal festivals, Fresno has something for everyone.

For more information on things to do in Fresno, visit the City of Fresno things to do page.

 Living in Fresno – Living in Fresno means easy access to many of the best places and activities that California has to offer, but without the high cost that comes with living in many other parts of the state. Part of the San Joaquin Valley, Fresno is within 200 miles of Los Angeles, Sacramento and the Pacific Ocean.

 Visit Fresno Mag for more insight about the experience of living in Fresno.

 Full-service Long Distance Moving To & From Fresno

Don’t let the difficulties of moving weigh you down! Contact us and learn how we can help. We can handle all or part of your move, depending on what your specific needs are. Our moving specialists will craft a custom moving plan that fits your requirements and offers several choices to fit your budget. Here are some of our more popular services that we offer in Fresno.

  • Interstate and long distance moving to or from Fresno
  • Residential and commercial relocation
  • Executive and corporate moving
  • Retail and warehouse transport
  • Lab and glassware moving
  • Library & collections transport
  • International and overseas moving
  • Oversize items: hot tubs, pool tables, pianos, safes, auto trnasportation etc.
  • Moving services for college & university students
  • Full-service house and office moving
  • Full insurance coverage is included in every estimate
  • Price quotes are FREE for all customers, all the time

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How far away from Fresno, CA?

Moving from Fresno, CA to Boston, MA 45 h 34 min, 3,113 miles
Moving from Fresno, CA to Chicago, IL 31 h 55min, 2,145 miles
Moving from Fresno, CA to Dallas, TX 22 h 10 min, 1,558 miles
Moving from Fresno, CA to Denver, CO 16 h 27 min, 1,143 miles
Moving from Fresno, CA to Detroit, MI 34 h 35 min, 2,410 miles
Moving from Fresno, CA to Las Vegas, NV 5 h 57 min, 396 miles
Moving from Fresno, CA to Los Angeles, CA 3 h 17 min, 219 miles
Moving from Fresno, CA to Miami, FL 41 h 43 min, 2,919 miles
Moving from Fresno, CA to New York, NY 42 h 14 min, 2,919 miles
Moving from Fresno, CA to Philadelphia, PA 41 h 22 min, 2,847 miles
Moving from Fresno, CA to Phoenix, AZ 8 h 28 min, 596 miles
Moving from Fresno, CA to San Francisco, CA 2 h 57 min, 192 miles
Moving from Fresno, CA to Seattle, WA 13 h 55 min, 929 miles

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