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When you need to have your furniture moved across the country, the last thing you want is for the process to drag out and become an ongoing headache. That’s why we offer the most efficient and affordable cross country furniture movers in the industry for companies, families and individuals.

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Our movers are licensed professionals that are certified by the American Moving and Storage Association, which means they are among the select group of movers that work with the top furniture moving companies across the country. Our moving team specializes in long distance furniture moving and can handle any job, regardless of size or distance.

In addition to the standard items like couches, beds, dressers, tables, etc., we also deliver large and specialty items like pool tables and hot tubs to every state in America. No job is too big for us and no move is too far. We do it all and we do it at a discounted price that few national moving companies in the industry can match. You will simply not find a better combination of quality and affordability with any other local cross country furniture moving company.

Here are some of the many reasons that our customers cite as reasons for choosing us over the competition:

  • Free, accurate, flat rate online quotes & no hidden costs
  • Experienced interstate movers & drivers
  • Top notch customer service
  • Environmentally friendly moving
  • Express office and household furniture delivery
  • Cheapest pricing on furniture moving
  • Insurance coverage for all items
  • Moving supplies & storageFurniture Moving Quote
  • Professional packing, unpacking, loading and unloading of furniture

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    Why Hire A Professional Furniture Mover?

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    It’s a fair question: why hire a furniture mover, especially if you can do the job yourself? Financially, it makes a lot of sense to move your own furniture, at least over a  short distance. Beyond about 300 miles, the cost of truck rental, gas and your own time starts to exceed that of what you would pay with affordable cross country furniture movers. Let’s break it down:

    1. Truck rental – For a move of any distance, you can bank on at least $100 per day.
    2. Gas – Depends on the distance, but typically falls between $25 and $50 per day (don’t forget you have to refuel before returning the truck).
    3. Time – Accounting for loading, driving, unloading and truck return, most moves of 100 or more miles will turn into an all day affair. If you need your furniture moved to another state or all the way across the country, you need to factor in not just your personal time and labor, but also time spent away from work.
    4. Food & Lodging – If you’re making a long distance or cross country move that requires several days, you’ll need to stop for food and find a place to stay each night as well. Even being economical, the cost can easily exceed $200 daily.

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    Call us today to start saving money on moving your office or household furniture’s across the country! Discounts and guaranteed low pricing are available! Fill out the free quote form to get a low cost estimate today and find out how much we can save you!



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