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Germantown’s  Local & Long Distance Moving 

Germantown, MD Cross Country Moving Companies

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Lakeland, FL Moving ConsultationGermantown Cross Country Moving Companies takes pride in being one of the highest rated local and long distance moving companies in the third largest city in Maryland. Since 2000 the city has seen more than a 60% growth in population and we have worked hard to maintain excellent standards to provide professional moving services to our Germantown customers. Have you been trying to locate the best moving company in the area to make a local or long distance move? We are the company that is not only large enough to handle the needs of all of our customers but we also know the local area better than most. We are a full service moving that offers the following to all our customers;

  • Completely Full Service When you need a moving company that will come to your home or office, pack everything for you, load the truck and deliver, unload and unpack your boxes and make sure that everything is in its place, then you can always rely on us to handle everything from start to finish.
  • Handle With Care High-priced antiques and other items need to be handled with extreme care to prevent damage and to lower value. We take care of all your antiques and collectibles with delicate care and handling to ensure they arrive safely and in the same condition as prior to the move.
  • Disassembly/Assembly- When you have large, bulky items that need to be taken down or disassembled you have nothing to worry about. We will take items apart for relocation and will completely assemble them when we get them to the new home or office.
  • Packing Materials- If you prefer to pack your personal belongings on your own, we have a full selection of packing materials including boxes, crates, tape, shrink-wrap, bubble-wrap and much more.

We offer local and inter state moving services including residential, commercial, office, corporate, automobile, heavy items like pianos and local and long distance. No matter where you need to move, we will get you there with ease and no stress at all.

Germantown’s Preferred Home Movers

We realize that no move is the same as any other, just as no person is the same as another. We make sure that we personalize every move to fit the customer that we are working with. We want to give you service that fits into your individual schedule as well as your budget for moving. For the last 23 years our customers have shown us time and time again that we are the preferred home movers in the area and we enjoy knowing that we fulfill our customer’s needs each and every move that we make.

With a traditional home move we provide the following standard services:

  • Truck Loading- Once all boxes are packed and furniture is ready to go, we carefully load everything inside of the truck for transport to the new location. We make sure that everything is properly covered and in the truck safely to ensure a secure journey.
  • Transport- All trucks are carefully inspected and drivers are fully certified to transport all of your belongings safely. We use only the highest rated professional drivers in the trucking industry to transport for us.
  • Unloading- When the truck arrives at the new location we carefully unload everything for you. We assemble beds, swing sets, bookshelves and other items that need to be reassembled upon arrival and we make sure they are in their proper place where you want them. We make sure that we are careful not to track dirt and grime in, scuff or damage flooring and we make sure that everything is in its place before we leave.

How far away from Germantown, MD?

Moving from Germantown, MD to Alexandria, VA 44 min, 36.3 mi
Moving from Germantown, MD to Baltimore, MD 54 min, 48.9 mi
Moving from Germantown, MD to Eldersburg, MD 49 min, 32.7 mi
Moving from Germantown, MD to Frederick, MD 27 min, 21.9 mi
Moving from Germantown, MD to Leesburg, VA 49 min, 31.2 mi
Moving from Germantown, MD to Madison, VA 1 h 46 min, 101.5 mi
Moving from Germantown, MD to Odenton, MD 47 min, 43.3 mi
Moving from Germantown, MD to Washington, DC 41 min, 26.5 mi

Germantown, MD Moving Company Reviews

Corporate and Business Moving

Whether you’re a business owner that needs to move to a new location or a corporate office that has a new employee relocating to the area, we will take care of your business move with the utmost of professionalism to ensure all prices are right and that everything goes smoothly and as fast as possible. When you hire a company to move your office property, you are hiring a company to put your business interests at the top of their list of priorities. We want to make sure that your productivity level is able to stay up even as you’re relocating and the best way to do that is by giving you the best service that we possibly can. We will carefully pack and load all of your office equipment and merchandise and have it delivered and set-up quickly so you can be back to business as fast as possible.

When you need to have an employee relocated to begin work locally in Germantown or in another city, state or country, we will work with them to coordinate the fastest move possible and will keep the pricing as affordable as possible to keep your budget as well as your business happy.

If you would like a free price quote on your upcoming move you can fill out the convenient form on the page. If you would like to speak to an agent and gather more information on professional moving services, get a quote for services and schedule your move you can call us today!

Are you looking for a best and cheap Cross Country Mover in Germantown, Maryland area? Dial 1-888-316-9603 and get free moving consultation from the leading Local or Long Distance Moving Company in Germantown, MD!

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