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Glendale, Arizona, known as the antique capital of the state, truly has something for everyone: public parks, unique neighborhoods, a good school system, proximity to other parts of the state and countless entertainment options. All of these factors combine to make Glendale one of the most livable communities in Arizona and one of the top destinations in Maricopa Country for new residents.

Here are some of the many local and long distance moving services we provide in Glendale and the surrounding area.

  • Professional antique and collectibles moving
  • Local, interstate, nationwide & international moving
  • Heavy & oversize items: hot tubs, pool tables, saunas, safes, pianos
  • Commercial and residential relocation, to or from Glendale
  • Military moving for Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force & Coast Guard
  • College and university moving for students
  • Transport of delicate, fragile and high value items
  • Auto transportation and car shipping
  • Corporate and executive relocation services
  • Computers, electronics and office furniture moving
  • International country-to-country moving
  • Disassembly and reassembly of furniture
  • Outdoor furniture and swing set moving
  • Home, apartment and condo moving for individuals & families
  • White glove moving services

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Laboratory, Library & Inventory Relocation In Glendale

Lab Equipment – We offer Glendale’s cross country laboratory moving services across a wide variety of industries. For lab relocation, we move glassware, including beakers, flasks, petri dishes and slides, as well as other delicate items. Our most frequent customers are in the medical and science fields, but we can accommodate just about any request for lab equipment moving, either to or from Glendale, AZ.

Libraries – Moving books can be one of the most difficult aspects of relocating and an entire library can be quite an undertaking, which is why our library transport services are so popular. Legal and medical libraries are a specialty of ours since they tend to be the requests we receive most often, but we can also transport personal libraries, rare books and bookstore inventory.

Retail Inventory – In addition to moving businesses and offices, we also relocate warehouse storage and retail inventory for companies. This includes any type of retail merchandise, as well as other physical components of the sales floor. Our retail cross country moving options in Glendale are suitable for almost any business and we specialize in long distance and cross country retail inventory moving.

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How far away from Glendale, AZ ?

Moving from Glendale, AZ to Billings, MO 18 h 2 min, 1,276 miles
Moving from Glendale, AZ to Boise, ID 13 h 42 min, 943 miles
Moving from Glendale, AZ to Boston, MA 39 h 20 min, 2,702 miles
Moving from Glendale, AZ to Chicago, IL 26 h 12 min, 1,802 miles
Moving from Glendale, AZ to Colorado Springs, CO 11 h 36 min, 838 miles
Moving from Glendale, AZ to Dallas, TX 15 h 5 min, 1,076 miles
Moving from Glendale, AZ to Los Angeles, CA 5 h 20 min, 370 miles
Moving from Glendale, AZ to New York City, NY 37 h 19 min, 2,461 miles
Moving from Glendale, AZ to Pittsburgh, PA 30 h 5 min, 2,111 miles
Moving from Glendale, AZ to Portland, OR 19 h 20 min, 1,332 miles
Moving from Glendale, AZ to San Jose, CA 10 h 12 min, 709 miles
Moving from Glendale, AZ to Spokane, WA 20 h 3 min, 1,332 miles
Moving from Glendale, AZ to Washington, D.C 34 h 22 min, 2,345 miles
Moving from Glendale, AZ to Wichita, KS 15 h 48 min, 1,054 miles
Moving from Glendale, AZ to Tampa, FL 30 h 11 min, 2,168 miles

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                                                                           Glendale, Arizona Moving Resources
Resources For Living In Glendale – From the official City of Glendale website, a comprehensive list of services, utilities, community events and neighborhood guides in Glendale. Helpful information for anyone moving to the area.
Glendale House Cleaning – If you’re moving out of Glendale, one of the last things on your to-do list is probably cleaning. For movers that want to save time or let a professional handle the job, this list of local cleaning services is a great place to start.

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