Grand Rapids, MI Cross Country Moving Companies

Grand Rapids, MI Cross Country Moving Companies

Grand Rapids Cross Country Moving Company provides superior moving services for customers in Michigan and worldwide. We take pride in our company with the knowledge that we go that extra mile to make each move a complete success. Being able to assist our customers for the last 20 years, whether individuals, families or business owners to relocate quickly and efficiently is our business and we take our business seriously. Our team of professional movers are skilled to handle all aspects of the moving business to be able to ensure absolute satisfaction to every customer we serve.

We offer a fully experienced moving and relocation team that will work hard to make your move simple and easily completed. We’ll give you a free price estimate and we don’t just show up to load the truck. Instead, we will assist you with packing and securely wrapping all furnishings and other personal items to ensure safe and secure transportation. You’re in good hands when you hire us and we want to make sure that we stand by our moving services from start to finish in order to give you peace of mind and plenty of time to concentrate on your personal life and not have to worry about the move.

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Moving from one house to another, even when moving locally, can be a struggle when you need to work and take care of other things as well. When you make a decision to move your household without the assistance of a professional mover, you run the risk of damaging your furniture, leaving items behind during the move or breaking belongings beyond repair. Our staff of experienced movers can securely pack your household with ease, load everything large and small onto the moving truck and safely transport everything to the new location. Once we make the delivery, we will unload the truck and deliver everything inside of the new home.

Professional Home Moving

Moving from one house to another doesn’t need to be a headache for you. We want to keep your stress level down and make your move a pleasant experience for you and your family. When you choose Grand Rapids Local or Cross Country Movers to relocate your furniture and other belongings to your new home, you’re choosing a professional team that will ensure your home is moved safely from the time everything is packed, loaded and delivered. Our skilled team is fully trained and has the experience to do the tough work for you. There is never a need for you to lift anything and risk causing an injury to yourself or dropping something heavy and damaging a piece of expensive furniture or delicate antiques that may not be replaceable.

Whether you need full services including packing everything for you as well as loading and delivery, or if you just need someone to pick your belongings up, load them onto the truck and deliver them, we’ve got you covered for your own personal situation. We want to make sure that your move goes the way you want it to go.

How far away from Grand Rapids, MI?

Moving from Grand Rapids, MI to Atlanta, GA 11 h 31 min (791.6 mi)
Moving from Grand Rapids, MI to Columbus, OH 4 h 48 min (321.4 mi)
Moving from Grand Rapids, MI to Denver, CO 16 h 10 min (1,166.1 mi)
Moving from Grand Rapids, MI to Holland, MI 33 min (29.9 mi)
Moving from Grand Rapids, MI to Phoenix, AZ 27 h (1,903.1 mi)
Moving from Grand Rapids, MI to Pittsburgh, PA 5 h 56 min (418.5 mi)
Moving from Grand Rapids, MI to Mackinac Island, MI 206 mi
Moving from Grand Rapids, MI to Traverse City, MI 2 h 13 min (142.4 mi)

Professional Office Moving

Moving an office from one location to another can be a very daunting period of time. An office move needs to be handled by a professional that has handled office and company relocation and has the experience to know how to safely transport all of your office material. With more than two decades working with moving and relocation in a professional atmosphere, Grand Rapids Cross Country Moving Companies has the expertise to move your office quickly and efficiently in order to reduce the down time expected from the move.

We go above and beyond to make sure we handle each business move with the individual needs of each unique business that we relocate. Our team knows how to handle delicate office equipment from computers and other office machinery to medical supplies, equipment and much more. We also handle paperwork and important documents with professional care.

Making sure that you hire a professional to handle your office move will ensure that your business must be closed fewer hours during the relocation due to careful planning and execution of the move. Since we’ll be handling the tough work, you’ll be able to work to keep your business afloat, your employees working and your customers happy while we get everything in place at the new location as quickly as possible.

For a free price quote simply fill out the form on this page. Have questions about pricing or services available? Give is a call anytime, 24 hours per day and one of our professional staff members will be happy to answer your questions and make sure you have the best pricing available. We offer military and student discounts.

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