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Know Your Moving Rights While in Greensboro, North Carolina

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Greensboro NC Moving ConsultationGreensboro is one of the most highly populated cities in North Carolina and the city is always busy with its many attractions and entertainment that it offers its citizens. In fact, the following information will be helpful for anyone who wishes to move. Many a times, one will encounter problems and will not know how to get around it simply because they were unaware of such things in the first place.

Knowing Your Moving Rights

Moving is a big business and Greensboro’s long distance moving companies make a lot of money when the people are uninformed and do not know what their rights are. You might have had experience in moving before but there are still some tricks of the moving trade that can catch you by surprise.

  1. Read Before You Sign – Most people are taken in by smooth talking salespersons and they will believe whatever they hear. Hence they will sign documents without reading it and will miss out what is written in between the lines. Even if the Greensboro long distance moving company that you are dealing with is genuine and you have had a lot of business dealings with them previously, it is still prudent to read before you sign.The reason being some local or cross country moving  companies in Greensboro, NC will only give you a general estimate of the move and will add a lot of other moving services, which you might not have asked for, in the document. Legally, since you have signed, you will be obligated to pay but you could have avoided being conned in the first place if you had only just read the whole thing through.Tip: take the document home and read it leisurely before you sign. You can even have an expert or someone in the legal field to check it out for you.
  2. Contact Better Business Bureau (BBB) – You can contact the BBB to find out whether the local or cross country moving company in Greensboro that you are thinking of hiring has committed any offenses which are recorded with them. You can also contact BBB to file a complaint if you have any grievances.Tip: Visit for more information.
  3.  Correct Estimate – It is your right to get a correct estimate before you sign the documents.Otherwise you might get unexpected changes to the final bill. Get the estimate in writing and have the company certify that it will not be changed at the time of delivery.
  4. Payment Policy – Ask the local or inter state company about their payment policy so that there will be no confusion at the time of payment.  If the company asks you to make a deposit before pickup, then ask them for reimbursement options. Also it is best to select a company that allows you to pay the entire amount after the goods have been delivered. Sometimes, when there is a broker handling the procedure, you might have to pay them their percentage before the job gets done.Greensboro NC Moving Company Reviews
  5. Storage for Un-Delivered Items – Sometimes a local or long distance mover in Greensboro might declare that the goods cannot be delivered due to unavoidable reasons and will store them for you without getting your consent. At other times, they might say that you were not in the destination to receive the goods and hence, the goods were put into storage. As strange as this may sound, companies have done this and when they say that it is their company policy to store items that were undelivered, you will have to ask them the exact reasons that warrant such a thing.  The scam is that the storage units used are owned by the companies themselves and so they will ask for more payment to release the goods. The only way out of this is to talk it out with the company or else sue them.Tip: To prevent this from happening, ask them before hiring about their policy for goods that cannot be delivered.
  6. Compensation for Missed Delivery Date – This is very important as the company will have to compensate you if they have missed delivery due to a problem that they have had to face. Ask them to clearly state their pickup and delivery dates so that you can be compensated if they should miss it.
  7. Policy for Damaged Goods – Your belongings should arrive at the destination in the same condition that it was before it was packed. Local or long distance movers are supposed to compensate the customer for damaged goods. However, companies can argue that they did not offer guarantee of safe arrival of goods. So before you hire them ask them for their policy regarding damaged goods. Get the policy in writing so that you can claim if you find anything missing or broken. Check your goods as soon as they arrive and contact the office immediately if you find any damages.
  8. Weighing of Goods – Most companies will charge you for the weight and not by boxes. If that is the case, then you have to be present at the time of weighing and the company has no right to prevent your presence. You can also ask them to reweigh the items if you are not satisfied or were absent during the first weighing session.

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How far away from Greensboro, NC?

Moving from Greensboro, NC to Asheville, NC 2 h 43 min, 172.7 mi
Moving from Greensboro, NC to Charleston, SC 4 h 27 min, 282.1 mi
Moving from Greensboro, NC to Charlotte, NC 1 h 31 min, 90.5 mi
Moving from Greensboro, NC to Lancaster, PA 6 h 57 min, 428.7 mi
Moving from Greensboro, NC to Lexington, NC 38 min, 35.4 mi
Moving from Greensboro, NC to Lynchburg, VA 2 h 2 min, 114.9 mi
Moving from Greensboro, NC to Myrtle Beach, SC 3 h 34 min, 196.4 mi
Moving from Greensboro, NC to Savannah, GA 4 h 57 min, 325.0 mi

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About Greensboro, NC : Greensboro is a city in the U.S. state of North Carolina. It is the third-largest city by population in North Carolina and the largest city in Guilford County and the surrounding Piedmont Triad metropolitan region. : Craigslist provides local classifieds and forums for jobs, housing, etc.. : Official website of the Greensboro campus of UNC.

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