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Henderson, Nevada Moving ConsultationThe City of Henderson belongs to the Las Vegas metropolitan area in the state of Nevada.  Forbes magazine and the FBI Uniform Crime Report has ranked the city as one of the safest cities in the country. Henderson is mostly a residential city today but it was the site of the PEPCON rocket fuel factory till 1988, when the factory blew up. However, the city is called “a diamond in the desert” and people like to visit the Hoover Dam, Lake Mead and even the McCarran International Airport. You can find a lot of cross country moving companies in Henderson which offer a lot of local and inter state moving services.

Moving does not just involve packing your things, getting into your car and arriving at the destination. One of the most important aspects of moving is the insurance that you need. The insurance does not just cover your valuables and belongings but also your memories. So you will want all your things to arrive safely at the destination or at least, get adequately compensated should they be damaged or lost in transit.

Things about Moving Insurance that You Never Knew

Always ask the agent or the cross country mover in Henderson, NV about the various types of insurances before buying them. Although insurance provides security for your valuable goods, you can get a cheaper and better cover if you are well informed. So here are some interesting things that you need to know about insurance before you purchase one.

  • There are states in which Henderson long distance moving companies are not allowed to sell you moving insurance policies. So check with your state authorities when you find the moving company trying to sell you one.
  • Insurance rates will vary with each insurer and so compare before you buy one.
  • There are varying levels of insurance and the one that gives maximum cover may not necessarily be the most expensive one.
  • The local or long distance moving company in Henderson is supposed to give you a small booklet about your rights and responsibilities that you need to know for your move.  Read through it so that you will know how to calculate the value of the goods.

Types of Moving Insurance

Insurance will ensure you a stress-free move and you can relax knowing that all your goods are safe and covered. There are two types of insurance cover that your interstate movers must give you. They are –

  1. Full Value – Under this insurance cover, your mover has to replace the value of goods that are lost or damaged.  This is the cover that the mover will automatically give you unless you specify otherwise. So under this cover you can expect the mover to –
    • Repair the damages item
    • If lost, then the item will be replaced with a similar one
    • If the above is not possible, then the mover will give you a cash settlement
  2. Released Value or Standard Coverage This is an economical option for youand the mover will compensate anything that was lost or damaged at 60 cents per pound.
  3. Third Party Insurance – This is an optional insurance which is governed by State law and not by Federal law. Here you will be compensated for almost the whole loss unlike Released Value. You can buy this insurance from your mover or from any other insurance agent.
  4. Auto Transport Insurance – Again the Henderson cross country mover is responsible for any damages that may occur during transit. However, do not take it for granted that your mover will have this insurance. Make sure that it is in your contract before you sign them up. You can also check with your own auto insurance company whether they cover damages that occur during a shipment.
  5. Storage Extension Coverage – You need to buy this cover in case you have to put your goods into storage. Most Henderson cross country moving companies will have their own storage units and so will also know about this cover. You will have to specify the amount of days that the goods will be in storage. If you are not sure about the time period, purchase the insurance policy with a longer coverage time.

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Filing a Moving Insurance Claim

Filing a claim is easy but it takes time for it to get processed. Most movers will usually pay the claim amount but there are some who might make things difficult for you. Here is how you should go about filing your claim –

  • Even before your move, you should check whether you are adequately covered. Check your own insurance policies and make sure that the insurance claim is mentioned in the moving contract.
  • Before the movers put your boxes into the van, take an inventory and give a copy of it to the moving company.
  • We recommend that you file a claim as soon as you notice the damage when you unpack. However, legally you can file a claim within nine months after the delivery. The mover, on the other hand, will respond to the claim within 30 days. Then the claim has to be settled or denied by the mover within 120 days after they have gotten the claim.

Note: If the value that you have declared in $1000 and the mover’s maximum liability is also the same amount, then you cannot claim for more than the stipulated amount. In case you make a claim for more than this amount, it will be denied. So make even before the move that you have given the correct value for your goods and that you are well covered.

How far away from Henderson, NV?

Moving from Henderson, NV to Glendale, CA 4 h 10 min, 266.0 mi
Moving from Henderson, NV to Las Vegas, NV 21 min, 15.9 mi
Moving from Henderson, NV to Laughlin, NV 1 h 20 min, 82.9 mi
Moving from Henderson, NV to Los Angeles, CA 4 h 12 min, 267.5 mi
Moving from Henderson, NV to Phoenix, AZ 4 h 35 min, 282.4 mi
Moving from Henderson, NV to Reno, NV 7 h 9 min, 463.2 mi
Moving from Henderson, NV to Sedona, AZ 4 h 15 min, 260.5 mi
Moving from Henderson, NV to Stockton, CA 7 h 54 min, 515.8 mi

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