Highest Rated Cross Country Moving Companies

Some online research is required if you’re trying to find the highest rated cross country movers in the nation. By searching for national movers, you will find that there are many well-noted movers available. Check out the websites of these companies and find reviews and ratings from previous customers. Make sure that they have a solid reputation for their services and performance. After narrowing your results, call around and ask questions.

What Should I Ask the Movers?

While you are on the phone with the moving company, there are many different questions you can and should ask. This will only help you with your decision to hire the company, plus it will better inform you of the company and their services.

  • Inquire about their certifications and licenses
  • Ask about insurance coverage
  • Ask for an estimate or non-binding quote
  • Inquire about the services they offer
  • See if they have any discounts or specials you might qualify for
  • Ask about expedited or guaranteed delivery if you are in a rush
  • See if the company has all of the latest and most durable moving equipment
  • Ask how long they presume the move will take
  • Ask them how much they need upfront
  • Find out if the driver will be the only one handling the items aboard the truck

By asking all of the questions listed above, you will be able to narrow down what companies are best for your circumstances and needs. The customer service should be informative, helpful and friendly. Remember, they should want your business and therefore, they will be willing to help out by answering all of your questions.

Aside from asking questions, check out any websites that offer business reviews. The cross country mover’s success should reflect in their reviews, testimonials and ratings.