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Choosing the Right Moving Option in Jersey City, New Jersey

Jersey City, NJ Cross Country Movers


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Jersey City was estimated to be the second most populated city in the state of New Jersey. When you want to move to Jersey City it will be a great help if you know just how to choose the right kind of moving options.

Every city has packers and movers but not all of them are experts at what they do. Also the options that they offer to you will be based on what they have and not on what you need. So you have to do your research to know which option is best for you depending upon your household goods, the time of travel, your budget and the distance that needs to be covered.

Choosing the Right Kind of Moving Vehicle

There is no ideal means of transport and every kind has its advantages and drawbacks. Decide which is best for you based on the volume of items that have to be transported, the distance and your budget.

  • A moving Truck – most of the time, this is the cheapest option, especially when you have a lot of things to be transported. However, this is also one of the most dangerous means of transport as the trucks tend to be big and bulky. So maneuvering them inside cities and even on highways can be difficult. Trucks can easily carry goods of a large household easily but the time taken to get them across to the new destination may be long as these trucks have to move slowly.
  • Taking a Bus or Train – This option is recommended when you do not have a lot of things to be transported. If you can manage to discard all unnecessary items and even your bulky furniture to get your entire household within 150 pounds, then it can work out very cheap.
  • Shipping – Contrary to common opinion, shipping may be a cheaper option if you do not have much stuff to be transported. It is only when you want to ship all your heavy stuff like the grand piano and the dining table, you will end up paying heavily.
  • Via Air – Thereare many airlines that offer attractive rates to transport your goods. So do not neglect to check out their estimates as well.

Other Options

For those who want to do the packing and moving on their own, there are various options that are available.

  • Trailers You can Tow with Your Own Vehicle – this is the ideal option for those who want to pack and move at their own pace. This is also a cost effective solution but it works best when you do not have a lot of items to be moved. After the move, you can just drop the trailer at the nearest branch or terminal.
  • Storage units– You can make use of these units when you know that you will be coming back to the same town. The storage units will keep your belongings safe for months together and depending upon the contents, you can choose from the different types of storage units that are available. The types of storage units that are available are –
    • Outdoor storage units – they are very affordable but they do not offer protection against heat or cold. So the things that you store in outdoor storage units have to be able to withstand long months of heat and cold. However, they are secure enough to hold your valuables and you can access them at any time of the day.
    • Indoor storage units – these are more expensive than outdoor storage units and they are climate controlled. So all your belongings that are sensitive to heat and cold like wooden furniture, paintings, plastic items and heirlooms can be stored here. They are more secure than outdoor units as you need a pass code to get into the building.
    • Boat storage units – You have storage units for all sizes of boats and it offers security also.
    • RV storage – When you own a RV unit but do not have space to park it, then this is the solution for you.
    • Vehicle storage – You canstoreyour vehicles when you are moving to a place where you do not have parking space and is mostly used by college students who own cars. You can store any type of cars, trucks and vans in these units which come in all sizes.

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Choosing the Right Kind of Packing Supplies

A simple online research will turn up a whole lot of packing supplies but there will be no way to know whether they are strong enough to endure the entire trip. Boxes and crates will not be handled gently by movers unless they are labeled as “fragile”. So you need to choose the ones that can handle a lot of throws, bumps and drops. Another point to keep in mind is the way you pack. You cannot pack delicate chinaware without bubble wrap and fillers.

You can also use newspapers as fillers but there are times when the print on the newspaper might stain your things. You can also use any kind of paper which when crumpled will cushion the items well. You can also use packing materials such as foam pouches, packing pellets and old clothes.

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How far away from Jersey City, NJ?

Moving from Jersey City, NJ to Hoboken, NJ 22 min, 4.6 mi
Moving from Jersey City, NJ to Greensburg, PA 5 h 24 min, 338.4 mi
Moving from Jersey City, NJ to New York, NY 29 min, 6.2 mi
Moving from Jersey City, NJ to Newark, NJ 25 min, 5.6 mi
Moving from Jersey City, NJ to Pittsburgh, PA 5 h 46 min, 364.7 mi
Moving from Jersey City, NJ to Philadelphia, PA 1 h 34 min, 88.8 mi
Moving from Jersey City, NJ to West Chester, PA 1 h 54 min, 116.2 mi
Moving from Jersey City, NJ to Wildwood, NJ 2 h 26 min, 149.9 mi

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