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Whether to Choose Movers or Brokers While Moving to Laredo, Texas

Laredo, TX Cross Country Moving Company


Laredo, Texas Moving ConsultationLaredo is on the north bank of the Rio Grande along the United States-Mexican border and is the third most populated city on the border. The population could be due to its being an important international trade center with Mexico which is a far cry from its humble beginnings as a villa in 1755. The villa slowly grew to a major city and today you will find the city perked up with festivals, entertainments and wonderful shopping. When you visit Laredo today, you will never know that about its long history of conflicts and truces because of US and Mexico. Today it is a beautiful city that is just perfect to raise a family and you will find many moving here permanently.

When it comes to moving, there are a lot of decisions that will have to be made and the biggest one will be which local or Laredo, TX cross country company to hire. Also most often when you look up movers, you will find three kinds of local or interstate companies such as the following-

1. Moving Companies– These are independent companies who operate using their own crew and fleet. Most of the time, they will be small companies having regular routes and they may or may not be linked with a network of movers. The only disadvantage that you will encounter with a small Laredo long distance moving company might be a big estimate as they might have to do customized routes for you.

Services offered by a Laredo, TX long distance moving company

  • Packing and loading onto the vehicles
  • Unpacking
  • Coming to site and giving the estimate
  • Will accept liability for the goods that have to be move
  • Big items like Piano moving, Pool Table, Hot Tub, Furnitures, etc…
  • Moving Homes, Apartments, Office
  • Services for commercial, residential, , Navy, Marine, Air-Force etc…
  • Auto Transportation and Car shipping

2. Brokers Brokers are not movers but those who organize and coordinate moves. They also provide round the clock customer care, a facility that might be sadly lacking when you approach independent Laredo cross country movers. They do not have a crew that will help you move and they certainly do not have moving vehicles. Most people are wary of going through brokers and there are disadvantages and advantages that one must be aware of.

One major disadvantage could be there might be no movers arriving at your place on the day of your move as the broker could have been a scam company or they might not have been able to get a company that will work for the low estimate that they sent to you. However, when you hire a broker you will have the advantage of getting a low estimate and brokers will be able to get you a company that does the route that you want. This result in a low bill and you can expect your broker to handle any grievances that you might have. Services that a moving broker can provide for you –

  • Give estimates on behalf of Laredo cross country moving companies based on their tariff system
  • Links two companies together to get a better route
  • Link the customer with the companies
  • Will provide customer care

However, brokers do not accept liability for any goods that have to be transported and it is the responsibility of the Laredo long distance moving company.

Laredo, Texas Moving Company Reviews

3. Moving Companies That are Also Brokers – These companies have their own fleet of vehicles and they provide the customer all the services required for moving. However, they are also brokers as they have an extensive network through which they can find another company that does the route that you need. So when you choose such companies, you are actually getting the best of the two worlds. However, the liability of the consignment will be borne only by the actual local or cross country moving company and not the company that acts as the broker.

Be Aware of the Following While Moving

Moving can be a piece of cake only if you hire the right movers but there are still things that you must look out for.

    • Have your wits with you as there are times that you can end up paying more. This usually happens if you agree to pay for services that you do not really need but did not know at the time.
    • The agreement document that you sign with the movers is an important one and you must read it carefully. If it contains points like releasing your mover from liability, do not sign it. The law states that the movers must accept liability and you have nine months in which to file a claim.
    • Your local or cross country mover must participate in dispute resolution program to address your claim.
    • Picking a quarrel with your mover at the time of delivery might get your things into a storage unit and you might be required to pay even more for your things to get released.
    • Use only brokers who are registered with the FMCSA and ask them to give you the list of local and long distance moving companies that they work with.

 How To Find Out Whether your Broker or Mover has FMCSA Registration

This is an easy task but you need to know where to look. You can go to the homepage of and check whether the company is registered using the USDOT number. You can also try to find out using their MC number and see whether there are any grievances lodged under their name.

How far away from Laredo, Texas?

Moving from Laredo, TX to Atlanta, GA 16 h 9 min, 1,103.6 mi
Moving from Laredo, TX to Austin, TX 3 h 34 min, 234.8 mi
Moving from Laredo, TX to Dallas, TX 6 h 32 min, 429.3 mi
Moving from Laredo, TX to El Paso, TX 9 h 14 min, 600.6 mi
Moving from Laredo, TX to Houston, TX 4 h 49 min, 311.5 mi
Moving from Laredo, TX to Phoenix, AZ 15 h 26, 1,033.2 mi
Moving from Laredo, TX to Plano, TX 6 h 51 min, 447.8 mi
Moving from Laredo, TX to San Antonio, TX 2 h 23 min, 155.8 mi

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                                                                                  Moving Resources – Official site of the City of Laredo Texas municipal government, Laredo Texas,
About Laredo – Laredo is the county seat of Webb County, Texas, United States, located on the north bank of the Rio Grande in South Texas, across from Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, Mexico. – – Stats about all US cities – craigslist: laredo jobs, apartments, personals, for sale, services, community, and events

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