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Lexington, Kentucky

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Lexington, Kentucky Moving ConsultationLexington boasts of being the second biggest city in Kentucky and is located in a geographic area called the Bluegrass Region.  Lexington is known not only for its championship horses but also because of its rich cultural, educational and financial heritage.  It is easy to find good long distance movers in Lexington but one must be prepared to tackle any problems that might arise prior to, during and after a move.

Problems That you Might Encounter Before Moving

Just the thought of packing an entire house or an office into boxes is enough to drive anyone crazy. That is why it is important to get the move done in an organized manner so that you will not encounter problems even before the move occurs. However, it is best to be prepared and so expect the following common problems to occur while packing and here are their solutions –

Wrong Packing Materials – It takes experience to pack things and there might be times when you pack light things along with heavy things. Now there is no harm in that expect that you have to put the heavy things in the bottom of the box and the light ones on top. Also make sure that the box is strong enough to hold the heavy stuff and seal it securely so that it opens while the movers throw it onto the truck.

Misplaced Belongings – A rather common problem while packing and there is really no need to worry as they will turn up eventually when you unpack. However, to avoid the confusion of misplacing things, keep a notebook beside you and write in the things that you put into the box. You can also put similar items together in one box and just label the box as “toys”, “books”, “winter clothes” etc., this will help avoid confusion and you will know exactly where your things are.

Hiring the Wrong Moving Company – This is a crucial step and you need to do a lot of research for local or long distance moving companies in Lexington, Kentucky before you find the right one. Ask the Lexington local or cross country moving company about the following before choosing –

  • Their rates and other paid services
  • Their moving policies
  • Their method of handling boxes and heavy items
  • The vehicles that they use for moving

Lexington, Kentucky Moving Company Reviews

Problems That You Might Encounter During the Move

No one said that moving is an easy job and that is why there are professionals to do it for you. However there are times that even the professionals slip but there is always a solution to your problem when the unthinkable occurs.

Your Treasured Possession is Lost – Of all the boxes that were packed off in the moving truck, the movers had to lose the one with your most treasured possession! However, if you act quickly you can get compensated for the loss. You will get reimbursed around 60 cents for every pound which does not amount to much really and that is why we recommend that you take any additional insurance policy the Lexington cross country movers offer even if you have to pay a little extra. Also local or interstate movers will usually try to replace whatever was lost but of course, they cannot replace an antique or a family heirloom.  Tip: Always number your boxes so that you will exactly which one was lost. Also write down the contents in each box and keep that list with you in a file till the move is over.

Late Pickup and Delivery – Even though Lexington long distance moving companies will try to be on time, they might encounter delays if the moving vehicle is not ready or available. Sometimes the delivery might be a few hours or even a few days late because they might have encountered problems like a flat tire, a storm or an accident along the way. There is really no way to prevent such things from happening and so to avoid this problem you can schedule the move with flexible dates. In case, you are not available when the delivery gets delayed, ask a friend or a relative to be on the spot.

Problems That You Might Face After the Move

You might be glad to see the delivery truck arrive at your new home but the job is far from over.

Additional Fee to be Paid: This happens rarely but it can turn your move into a distasteful experience. There have been instances when the movers present you with a bill that contains more fees to be paid which were not mentioned in the estimate. When presented with such a bill, immediately call up the head office and sort things out with them.

Damages that are Unaccounted For: That is why it is important to have a thorough checkup before you start packing things like furniture and equipments and keep a list with you and the company as well. If you find them damaged, you can claim for damages with the Lexington long distance moving company as they will have a common insurance that will cover for loss or damages at 60 cents per pound.

How far away from Lexington, Kentucky?

Moving from Lexington KY to Indianapolis, IN 3 h 4 min, 189.2 mi
Moving from Lexington KY to Knoxville, TN 2 h 43 min, 170.4 mi
Moving from Lexington KY to Louisville KY 1 h 24 min, 78.2 mi
Moving from Lexington KY to Memphis, TN 6 h 20 min, 423.0 mi
Moving from Lexington KY to Nashville, TN 3 h 19 min, 213.1 mi
Moving from Lexington KY to Pigeon Forge, TN 3 h 25 min, 204.0 mi
Moving from Lexington KY to Pittsburgh, PA 5 h 48 min, 370.7 mi
Moving from Lexington KY to St Louis, MO 5 h 7 min, 337.3 mi

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Lexington, Kentucky

For more information and help related to the problems that you might face after your move, visit www.moving.org and check out their “After You Move” page.

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About Lexington : Lexington, consolidated with Fayette County, is the second-largest city in Kentucky and the 61st largest in the United States. Known as the “Horse Capital of the World”, it is located in the heart of Kentucky’s Bluegrass region.
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