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Moving Vehicles To & From Lincoln, Nebraska

Lincoln, NB Cross Country Moving Company

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Lincoln is a highly populated city in Nebraska but it was started as a small village in 1856 called Lancaster. Lincoln is a great place to live in as it hasa lot to offer its citizens likeculinary delights and artistic masterpieces. You can find the best of music, fashion, sports and arts in the city.

People love to come to Lincoln as it is the perfect place to raise a family and so moving has become a big business here. Most of the time people are able to handle packing their belongings but when it comes to their vehicles, they are at a loss. This is where professional Lincoln cross country movers and packers come in as they know exactly what is involved in moving vehicles.

Moving your Vehicle Nationally

Even if you have the biggest and most expensive car in the country, professional local and cross country movers in Lincoln, NE will be able to deliver the car to you in exactly the same condition that it left your house. Moving companies will be able to handle all the following vehicles expertly –

  • Cars, SUVs, RVs, boats
  • Trucks, vans and even heavy equipments
  • All kinds of government vehicles

Most companies will have branches all over the country or will at least have partnerships with other Lincoln cross country moving companies. Similarly brokers will also have a wide network of companies and they will be able to pick the best company for you.

Note: Moving costs are flexible provided you know where and when to look. Even if the distance is considerable, you can make it affordable by waiting for the winter months or for discounts. However, when you need a customized route, be prepared to pay more.

Moving your Vehicle Internationally

International shipping can be more strenuous than local shipping and that is why it is best to leave it at the hands of experts. There are many things that you will have to look into such as the laws and regulations of the destination country. Some countries are particular about importing vehicles that are very old and you will have to comply by their rules. The taxation, tariff and duties of each vehicle will vary depending upon its make, value, model, age and size.   You will also need cargo insurance to cover your car or any other goods that you want shipped.

US Customs’ Regulation for Goods that are Leaving the Country

It is the duty of US Customs to verify that the goods leaving the country are legitimate and genuine. You and your mover have the responsibility to ensure that you pay all the right taxes and have all the documents. Most often, you might find that you have missed out one and so to avoid confusion, carry all the documents with you along with certified copies.

Certified copies are copies that have been issued authorized government personnel and has been attested as a genuine copy of the original. Make sure that you have “complete copies” which means that you have copied both sides of the documents. The owner or the agent has to be present at least 72 hours before shipment with the proper papers which will be inspected by the officials for their authenticity.

Important Points to Remember While Shipping your Car to a Different Country

  1. If you are moving from a warmer climate to a colder climate, then put antifreeze into your radiator. Consider doing the same while moving during the cold winter months even if it is just within the country.
  2. The car must be in good running condition and the tires must be inflated correctly and the emergency brakes must work well.
  3. Turn the alarm off as the car will be handled right from the pickup to delivery by multiple parties and there is a good chance that the battery can get drained if the alarm goes off with no one able to disable it.
  4. In case your car has antennas, remove them along with cell phone and radio antennas.
  5. Do not forget to give a set of keys to the movers.
  6. Remove all personal belongings as the car can be opened at any time. Moreover personal belongings might be tossed about and can harm the interior of the car.

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Things You can Keep in the Car During Shipping

Remove temporary luggage racks and ski racks from the car and store them in the trunk of the car. However, if your car has factory roof racks then it can stay right where it is provided that it does not exceed the dimensions specified by the transportation authorities. The exception to this rule is if your roof rack is aftermarket, in which case it will have to be removed and stored inside the trunk. You can also keep snow tires and extra tires in the hatch or the trunk. However, if the tires do not fit into the trunk, you can keep them behind the front seats in the rear passenger seat foot area. You can also have child car seats inside the car, securely attached. The vehicle can also carry its emergency kits and first aid kits. Anyway, make sure that you have covered all points and ask for the movers to do a thorough inspection in case you have missed anything.

How far away from Lincoln, NE?

Moving from Lincoln, NE to Branson, MO 6 h 19 min, 402.7 mi
Moving from Lincoln, NE to North Platte, NE 3 h 22 min, 227.4 mi
Moving from Lincoln, NE to Omaha, NE 1 h 2 min, 53.0 mi
Moving from Lincoln, NE to Pilger, NE 1 h 53 min, 105.4 mi
Moving from Lincoln, NE to Phoenix, AZ 19 h 16 min, 1,248.0 mi
Moving from Lincoln, NE to Springfield, MO 5 h 43 min, 359.3 mi
Moving from Lincoln, NE to St Louis, MO 7 h 1 min, 444.0 mi
Moving from Lincoln, NE to Tulsa, OK 6 h 34 min, 384.6 mi

Lincoln, NB Long Distance Mover Quotes

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                                                                                             Moving Resources – The official website for the City of Lincoln and Lancaster County, Nebraska. – Official web site of University of Nebraska–Lincoln
About Lincoln, NE – Lincoln is the capital and the second-most populous city of the State of Nebraska, after Omaha. Lincoln is also the county seat of Lancaster County and the home of the University of Nebraska. Lincoln’s population in 2013 was estimated at 268,738. lincoln – Best Places for Business and Careers

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