Low Cost Cross Country Moving Companies

It’s definitely not too hard to find a cross country mover in your price range. It can be done with a little online research or even by going through a middleman. However, this doesn’t mean that it’s wise to hire the first mover that presents the lowest cost. Check out their reviews from past customers by going online. Call them to get answers you can’t find on their website. Ask about their licenses, experience and ask whether or not they are approved by the BBB. Any professional mover will have all of the right documentation to prove their stance in the moving industry.

How to Make the Process of Moving Cross Country Easy on Everyone

  • Arrange for babysitters. Have the kids and pets out of the house on moving day.
  • Be at the residence on the day the movers are due to arrive
  • Offer the movers drinks and food to keep them from running to the store.
  • Have the home or business as well as the parking space free of clutter
  • Get a parking permit from the city if necessary
  • Have your inventory list created so that you can compare it to the movers’ list.
  • Ask the movers what route they will be taking to the next destination and when they anticipate they will arrive.
  • Keep cash on you at all times just in case.
  • Leave all cleaning supplies unpacked so that you can clean up after the movers finish loading.
  • Have tarps, plastic and blankets laid down to prevent damage or dirt going onto the flooring during moving day.
  • Have extra packaging supplies such as markers, tape, boxes, newspaper, and other items.