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Madison, Wisconsin Moving ConsultationMadison is an important city in Wisconsin as it is the capital of the state as well as being Dane County’s county seat. The city is built around the University of Wisconsin and has a lot of bookstores, cafes, pubs, cultural attractions and historical sites. When you are there, do not miss an opportunity to put on your dancing shoes and take part in the Dane Dances. Hence, a visit to Madison will only be filled with fun and adventure. People move all the time and you can find many long distance moving companies in Madison,Wisconsin. If you need to move long distance or right across the country, here is all you need to know –

Things You Need to Know About Madison, WI Cross Country Movers

  1. Definition – Moves that are longer than 40 miles will be said to be long distance moves. This can include moving from one city to another, no matter how remote the location could be or even from one coast to another. There are two ways in which the movers will calculate the estimate. One is based on the weight of the consignment and the second is based upon the volume or size of the consignment. Usually the first method is more accurate but the second does not tend to give the exact figures that you need.
  2. Estimate Based Upon Weight – It is wise to choose a local or cross country moving company in Madison, WI that will give an estimate based upon weight but that does not mean that you will save more if your weight is light. There is usually a 2000 pounds minimum weight charges and so even if you have only 1500 pounds, you would still be paying for 2000 pounds. So if you can arrange with your Madison cross country movers so that they can include another person moving to the same place, it would save you some money. Generally it would be $0.50 for one pound and you can expect to pay extra for additional moving services. Movers will be willing to give you an estimate over the phone if you are able to list everything that has to be moved. They will also give you a different charge for items that are bulky but light.
  3. Estimate Based Upon Volume – Thisis not a very accurate method as this is determined by the movers who load the van. So it is safe to say that the prices may vary depending upon the movers and the people who load the van. So this is not a preferred choice and you would be better off choosing a Madison long distance moving company that estimates by weight and not by volume. Although this could be a good choice if the company asks you to pay a certain fixed amount for the space that you would require in a van. In which case, you might be saving money by loading heavy items.
  4. Packing Charges – This is an added cost and most people try to do it themselves thinking that they would save money. However, when you ask the packers to do it, you would be saving a lot of time and effort. The cross country movers in Madison, WI will usually charge by the amount of boxes they use or they will charge by the hour. You will have to decide which one will be better for you. Sometimes the local or Madison’s long distance moving companies that ask you to pay by the boxes might scam you by giving you a much higher rate or worse, by using smaller than standard sizes. So it might be better if you choose the hourly rate as that might work out to be more economical. However, in the hourly charge method, you might be asked to pay for the packing materials also.

Madison, Wisconsin Moving Company Reviews

Long Distance Self Moves

You can try this if you have a car that can hold a trailer safely.  All you have to do is hire a trailer and load it at your own convenience. Some companies also allow you to return the trailer at a leisurely pace, allowing you to unload slowly.  However, you might really not be saving a lot as you would have to pay for gas and motels if you were to go on a really long journey. So it might be better to leave the moving to movers and you fly or take the train to your new house. Also driving a car would be a lot faster if there was no trailer attached to it. Note: This might not be a good option for those who have to pack a house with more than 3 rooms.

Choosing Cheap Long Distance Movers

First of all, one has to be wary when the advertisements show the word “cheap” as most companies that are genuine will all give you more or less the same amount in the free quote. So if the amount shown by the company has too much of a difference, ask them for a breakup of their services and then compare the rates. Also, when you opt to go in for a cheaper company, you might be compromising on quality and other necessary services. However, there are companies that will offer discounts during slower winter months to boost up their sales and by all means you can take them up on their generous offer.

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How far away from Madison, Wisconsin?

Moving from Madison, WI to Ann Arbor, MI 6 h 29 min, 392.2 mi
Moving from Madison, WI to Chicago, IL, 3 h 29 min, 148.0 mi
Moving from Madison, WI to La Crosse, WI 2 h 28 min, 144.1 mi
Moving from Madison, WI to Louisville, KY 7 h 11 min, 444.5 mi
Moving from Madison, WI to Milwaukee, WI 1 h 25 min, 78.7 mi
Moving from Madison, WI to Philadelphia, PA 14 h 16, 910.3 mi
Moving from Madison, WI to Sioux Falls, SD 6 h 37 min, 435.5 mi
Moving from Madison, WI to St Louis, MO 5 h 22 min, 359.4 mi

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Madison, Wisconsin Cross Country Mover Quotes

                                                                              Moving Resources – The official website of the City of Madison, Wisconsin About Madison – Madison is the capital of the State of Wisconsin and the county seat of Dane County. As of July 1, 2013, Madison had an estimated population of 243,344, making it the second largest city in Wisconsin – University of Wisconsin Madison – Greater Madison Convention & Visitors Bureau

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