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The Most Convenient Storage Facilities Nationwide

cross country moving storage
Many people find it difficult to toss out items they have held onto for many years. When you are moving new furnishings or property into a home, it is often necessary to locate a new item for the old items. When you need to move out the old so you can move in the new, you can rely on Cross Country Moving Companies to connect you with the best cross country moving storage options in the nation.

We work with local and long distance storage facilities to assist customers that are moving across the country or customers that just need a local storage unit to keep a few mementos from the past. Whether you need a short term location to store a few items while you get your home repaired or remodeled, or if you need to store a household full of furniture and appliances or even if you have a motor vehicle, boat or motorcycle that needs temporary or long-term storage space, we have the solution to all of your self-storage needs.

Car, Boat and Specialty Vehicles

Cross Country Moving Companies offer cross country moving storage space for all makes and models of cars, trucks, passenger and cargo vans and other motor vehicles. We also have many options nationwide for boats, motorcycles, recreational vehicles and other specialty vehicles. Have a classic car that you need to store in a safe and secure location where it won’t be damaged by weather or people? We can provide the highest security storage units for all kinds of classics and collectibles where they will stay safe and secure at all times while in the storage space. We also offer many self-storage options that are outdoors and you can access your vehicle 24 hours per day with a private pin number at a secure gate.

Secure Storage At All Times

At Cross Country Moving Companies we take the safety of your belongings very seriously. We will never send you to a self-storage facility that we do not know and would not trust with our own personal property. We work with moving storage facilities from coast to coast that have the latest in security technology, the cleanest storage units and the largest variety of storage space sizes so our customers will have exactly what they need to store their items.

Most facilities are covered by 24 hour video surveillance while others offer 24 hour live security personnel. Most will have fenced perimeters and gated entryways that require a private passcode to enter the facility. You can rest assured that your property will be safe at all times.

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Common FAQ’s About Self Storage

How can I get started with securing storage space for my property?

You can submit the fast and easy quote form on any of the pages on our website. You can also contact us by telephone at 1-888-316-9603 for a quote on storage and further information on locations that we can offer in every state in the U.S.

What kind of items can be stored in a storage unit?

Many items can be stored in a storage unit. Furniture, appliances, boxes, vehicles, boats, motorcycles, ATV’s, antiques and collectibles, paperwork, inventory from a small business, lawn equipment and tools and much more can be stored in a storage unit. Using self-storage makes it simple to access your property when you need to access it.

Is self-storage secure?

Yes, self-storage is very secure. Most facilities are under surveillance 24 hours per day and customers must have a pin code or key to enter the premises. Some facilities have staff members that keep the facility secure 24 hours per day in person. All individual storage spaces are locked and the customer will have the key to lock and unlock their own personal unit.

What size storage units are available?

We can offer storage units ranging in size from small 4 feet units to large units that are larger than 10 feet wide and 15 feet tall. We can also offer outdoor sto9rage space for motor vehicles and other items that can be stored on pavement.

Will I need to purchase insurance for self-storage?

While insurance is not always required for self-storage, it is highly recommended to speak to your personal insurance agent to inquire about renters insurance or other insurance that will cover items that are placed in a storage unit. Most facilities will offer an option to purchase insurance coverage from them or they will give you an option to use your own insurance.

Do I have to sign a contract for storage?

Most storage facilities rent month to month and you will need to sign paperwork to provide your personal information and a payment agreement. If you plan to rent a long-term storage unit, you may need to sign a contract but seldom ever will that be necessary.

Will I have assistance moving my property into the storage unit?

Most often you will need to bring your own helpers to move your items into the unit. Many facilities do offer carts and hand trucks that may be loaded at the main entrance and then you may use them to pull your items to the unit inside the building.

Are there specific hours that I can access my storage unit?

Most storage facilities are open from 6a.m. until 10 p.m. When the office is closed you will usually be able to access your storage unit with a key at the entrance gate or with a passcode at the gate. Some facilities will only allow customers to enter when the office is open. Depending on the facility that you decide to use, you will need to check both office hours and access hours with the customer service staff member.