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New Orleans city in the state of Louisiana was established as a French colony in the early eighteenth century and was actually named after the Duke of Orleans. Today, the city is a fascinating mix of various cultures and languages. However, the area is prone to hurricanes and that is perhaps why the population of the city has been steadily dwindling. Nevertheless, there are a lot of moving companies in New Orleans that can help you out with their services.

A lot depends upon the vehicle that you will need and that is why it is important to choose the right one.

How To Choose the Right Kind of Vehicle

There are various kinds of local and cross country moving vehicles that are available but the trick is to find the right one that will suit your moving needs. There are trucks and vans that are used by New Orleans cross country moving companies that are ideal for moving. They are –

  1. Tractor Trailers – these are perfect when you have to move long distances, from coast to coast or from city to city. Here, as the name suggests, the tractor tows the trailer which can be really long (up to 53 feet) and the sizes start from 28 feet long. They can easily pack the items of a large household.
  1. Straight Trucks – They can hold the contents of a medium household and perhaps even squeeze in a large household goods depending upon the size of the truck which can start from 16 feet and go up to 26 feet. Straight trucks differ from tractor trailers not only in their smaller size but also in the way they are built. While tractor trailers are separated, straight trucks come with the tractor and goods holder sitting on the same chassis.
  2. Panel Van – these are the smallest moving vans that are available and they are ideal for moving a small household or a studio apartment. The reason is that the chassis is the same as that of a car and so it can also be maneuvered easily when moving in a city. You can also use the panel van to move one large item like a piano or a dining table.
  3. Parcel Van – these vans can be used to pack the contents of a medium household as they are larger than a panel van. They are compact in design and you can find vans that are 12 to 15 feet long.
  4. City Van – Hire these vans when you are moving within a city or your route takes you via cities. They are easy to drive around cities as they have a bigger windshields and steering wheels that can be tilted for better control.

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Special Considerations

Although the above list gives a comprehensive idea of the different kinds of moving vehicles, there is a whole lot more factors that you will have to take into account while hiring one.

    1. Fuel – check the fuel capacity of the vehicle and the average mileage that it normally gives. However, the mileage that the company gives you will not be an exact estimate as it will vary depending upon the terrain that it has to travel, the load that it has to carry and the speed of travel.
    2. Room Capacity – ask for a general guide to help you choose the size of van or truck as you cannot possibly know how much the vehicle will hold just by looking at it.
      • A 12 feet vehicle can hold 1-2 rooms
      • 16 feet truck can carry 2-3 rooms
      • 22 feet truck can easily contain 3-5 rooms
      • 26 feet one can have 5-7 rooms
    3. Measurement of the Vehicle – you will have to take the length, breadth and height of the vehicle. Based on these measurements the New Orleans long distance moving company will be able to tell you the amount of storage space that will be available and based on the make of the vehicle, you can find out the volume of goods that it can actually carry.
    4. Special Design – when you have to move fragile items or items that have antique worth, it is best to choose vehicle that are specially designed with side wall padded protection. There are trucks that come with non-slip floors and special lighting too.

Cost-Cutting Options  

      • To cut down on costs, you can even ask for a truck that you can drive yourself.
      • Choose terminal to terminal pickup and delivery, rather than door to door services.
      • Sometimes, choosing two small vehicles can work out cheaper than choosing one large one. The larger one will require more fuel and the rental may be a whole lot more.
      • Try to combine with another family while moving so that you can share the costs.
      • Choose the slower business months, that is, the winter months for moving as then the costs will be lower.

How far away from New Orleans LA?

Moving from New Orleans LA to Baton Rouge, LA 1 h 18 min, 80.1 mi
Moving from New Orleans LA to El Paso, TX 15 h 12 min, 1,087.4 mi
Moving from New Orleans LA to Houston, TX 5 h 7 min, 347.9 mi
Moving from New Orleans LA to Lafayette, LA 2 h 5 min, 135.4 mi
Moving from New Orleans LA to Memphis, TN 5 h 38 min, 395.0 mi
Moving from New Orleans LA to Nashville, TN 7 h 32 min, 531.9 mi
Moving from New Orleans LA to Plano, TX 7 h 30 min, 515.4 mi
Moving from New Orleans LA to San Antonio, TX 7 h 56 min, 543.1 mi

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Note – Local or Long Distance Moving companies in New Orleans, LA will just allot a vehicle that is available and not the one that will be right for you. If you are not careful you might end up with an expensive one, which you really do not need in the first place. So be patient and tell the companies that you would rather wait till the vehicle of your choice becomes available. Also be sure to ask the New Orleans cross country mover about the rates of all the vehicles and then choose the right one.

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