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The Cost Effective Way of Moving in Newark, New Jersey

Newark, NJ Long Distance Moving Company

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Newark, NJ Moving ConsultationWhen you count the number of people living in Newark, it can be said to be the biggest city in New Jersey by population. Packing and moving is a big job even if you happen to live in one of the best places in the country and it always helps to know how to cut costs while moving. So here are a few tips that you might find useful when you want to move in a cost effective way.

Tips For a Cheaper Move

Flexible Dates – Try to keep your dates as flexible as possible. Most often the rates of the move will vary according to the time of the month and the days of the week. The busiest time of moving will be towards the end of the month and during weekends. So try to move sometime in the beginning of the month or on Mondays when business will be slow and the rates proportionately cheaper. Moreover, you can always ask for a discount when you know that you are scheduling your move during slow business days.

Do the Packing Yourself – Yes, it will be a whole lot easier to let the professionals do it but they will charge you for their local or inter state moving services as well as for the packing materials that they use. When you do it yourself you will save a considerable amount of money. You can buy your own packing materials or make do with whatever you find around the house.

For example you do not need to use crates or boxes for everything. You can always use an old suitcases and travel bags that can be locked or sealed for the move.

  • Rather than going in for corrugated cardboard boxes, go in for plain ones that are cheaper and use old newspapers and clothes to cushion the contents.
  • Reuse old cardboard boxes and old crates or ask your friends and neighbors to spare some if they have it.
  • Do not throw your junk mail out. Instead save them so that they can be reused as padding for packing fragile items.
  • Start collecting the packing materials as early as possible so that you will be well prepared when the time comes.

Make Money While Moving – Arrange for a jumble sale or a garage sale and sell off your old things that you do not need any longer. You can also sell off your old furniture as you will find that it will be difficult to pack such bulky items. The other side of the coin is that if you take only what you need, you will save money as moving expenses will mount when there are more things to be carried in the truck.

Make an Inventory – there are two advantages to making an inventory such as the following –

  • You will be organized for the move and will not forget anything.
  • You will know exactly what you have to transport which in turn will help you to cut down on unnecessary items.

Getting Multiple Quotes – Get quotes from at least 5 different local or long distance moving companies in Newark, NJ so that you can safely choose the most cost-effective option. However, check whether they have included all the services and if the estimate does not show a break-up of services, ask them to show you how they arrived at the conclusion.

Ask for Discounts – Well, it never hurts to ask, especially if you happen to be a regular customer. Some companies give loyalty points when you return to them and you can collect them to bring your next bill down.

Look for Moving Deals – If you know that you are going to move months ahead of time, then you can start by checking out the various websites to see whether you can find one that gives moving deals. Most of the Newark, NJ long distance moving companies will give special offers during their slow business months or during the weekdays. Sometimes, you might find a package that offers certain moving services for free.

Newark, NJ Moving Company Reviews

Brokers – Are They a Good Choice?

Most people vote against going in for brokers as they feel that they will be paying the broker’s commission unnecessarily. However, there are some brokers who will do the research for you and will find you the cheapest cross country moving company in Newark, NJ.

Most brokers have a good network of local and cross country moving companies Newark, NJ and some of them might even be small companies with just one or two trucks. However, they might give you the cheapest rate if they do your desired route as a regular routine. Big companies, on the other hand, will have a large fleet of vehicles but they might do customized routes to reach your destination, which will be costly.

A Little Healthy Competition Never Hurt Anyone

You can show the company the estimate given by their competitor and ask them to give you a better Newark cross country mover quote. If the company wants to beat the competition then they are sure to give you a better rate. However, the down side is that you cannot be going to each and every company with the same tactic. Firstly, it will be too exhausting and secondly, it will take a lot of your valuable time. So if you want to get quotes from multiple companies, you had better stick to getting it online.

How far away from Newark, NJ?

Moving from Newark NJ to Drexel Hill, PA 2 h 8 min, 103.1 mi
Moving from Newark NJ to Greensburg, PA 5 h 13 min, 333.9 mi
Moving from Newark NJ to Pittsburgh, PA 5 h 35 min, 360.1 mi
Moving from Newark NJ to Philadelphia, PA 1 h 54 min, 85.4 mi
Moving from Newark NJ to Phoenixville, PA 2 h 2 min, 103.0 mi
Moving from Newark NJ to Washington, DC 4 h 3 min, 217.0 mi
Moving from Newark NJ to West Chester, PA 2 h 10 min, 112.7 mi
Moving from Newark NJ to Wildwood, NJ 2 h 33 min, 146.4 mi

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