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Tips for an Efficient Move in Oxnard, California

Oxnard, California Cross Country Moving Company

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Oxnard, California moving consultationOxnard, California is a seaside city with a population of about 203,585 as recorded in the 2012 census. Known for its beaches, seaside recreations and great weather, the city thrives on festivals and events. However, even from this busy city, moving can be quite a job, especially for the first-timer. One of the most stressful factors in a move is the expense involved and that is why the following tips will be of great help.

5 Tips for Cheaper Packing

The main idea is to have as little as possible to pack as you would have to pay more if you pack more. It is easier to categorize and organize stuff when you have gotten rid of the junk.

  1. Be ruthless – Do not pack everything in the size and certainly, not the kitchen sink. Throw things that you will not be using in the new place. Also a packing spree can become a nostalgic event when you go through all your old stuff. Do not waste time but just get only the essentials into the crates.
  1. Get rid of excess paper – you can minimize paper weight by throwing away all old magazines and documents. You can take a soft copy of other papers and shred the originals.
  1. Make money while moving – you can sell off all the old stuff that you no longer use or need. You can donate the rest after the sale is over. This way you will have comparatively little to pack and you would have made some money too.
  1. Save on boxes – Do not throw away old boxes and you can even ask your friendly neighborhood store to donate some to you. This way you will save on your packing materials cost.  Also when you buy packaging materials, make sure to select the reusable and recyclable ones. You can always fold them and store them away till your next move.
  1. Use things around the house as packing materials – you do not have to waste money buying insulated or corrugated cardboards and fillers.  You can use newspapers and old magazines to be used as fillers. Your old sweaters and clothes can act as insulation and will help your fragile items from moving around.

5 Tips for a Cheaper Move

Nowadays all sites give instant quotes and they are good as one can get a comparative analysis within seconds. Now all that you have to do is choose the lowest quote, right? Well you couldn’t be more wrong. Generally, the instant quote that they give is just for an idea and should not be taken as the final amount.

There are many factors that will come into play before you can get a conclusive quote and that will include the distance that needs to be covered, the amount and type of things to be moved and the moving vehicle that you are going to hire. Usually the instant quotes are calculated with the basic or standard measures which are designed to give attractive rates and hook the customer.  So here are 5 tips to make your move easy on the pocket –

  1. Ask questions – There is no harm in asking the local or cross country moving company in Oxnard to give you a complete breakup of their services. This way you will be able to determine which company offers you more in the way of local or long distance moving services.  Some Oxnard, CA cross country moving companies will only include the basic services when they give you the quote and this will make your final bill bigger.  So be sure to ask a lot of questions as that would give you a clearer picture of what your final bill would be.
  1. Be clear – The local or Oxnard cross country movers should know exactly what it is that you want moved. Some things would require special packing materials and special equipment for transportation. So make a list of such things and let them know beforehand.
  1. Be flexible – Be flexible with the type of vehicle that you want as sometimes that might be the cheaper choice. Also be flexible with the date of move for moving companies will schedule the available vehicle and that might be the costlier option. It is better to wait and get the cheaper vehicle.
  1. Using United States Postal Service – It only costs one dollar per pound and you can send all your books and DVDs if you are moving way across the country.
  1. Choose wisely – Sometimes it might be cheaper to go via a broker and sometimes an independent local or long dsitance moving company in Oxnard will be considerably cheaper.  There is no rule or science to the art of packing and the best way to save money is to make wise decisions.

Here are just some of the discounts we have currently available in Oxnard, CA:

  • Military moving
  • College & university students
  • Seniors & elderly moving
  • First time movers
  • Online booking
  • Commercial & residential moves
  • Auto Transportation
  • Hot tub, pool table, piano and safe moving
  • Home furniture moving (indoor and outdoor)
  • Office and business relocation

Contact us today to learn more about many discounts that apply to Oxnard, CA cross country moving! We offer free tips and advice or if you just need a price estimate, fill out the short form to the right!

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Final Advice

Whether you want to move across town or to another country, remember that it is necessary to keep a cool head and your move from Oxnard, California will be a pleasant one.

How far away from Oxnard, California ?

Moving from Oxnard, CA to Fremont, CA 5 h 16 min, 331.4 mi
Moving from Oxnard, CA to Irvine, CA 2 h 27 min, 100.6 mi
Moving from Oxnard, CA to Los Angeles, CA 1 h 42 min, 61.4 mi
Moving from Oxnard, CA to Oakland, CA 5 h 41 min, 5 h 41 min
Moving from Oxnard, CA to San Diego, CA 3 h 40 min, 181.0 mi
Moving from Oxnard, CA to San Francisco, CA 5 h 54 min, 362.8 mi
Moving from Oxnard, CA to Santa Ana, CA 2 h 21 min, 93.0 mi
Moving from Oxnard, CA to Tucson, AZ 8 h 33 min, 550.8 mi

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