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6 Must Know Facts About Moving in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh, PA Long Distance Moving Company

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Pittsburgh PA Moving ConsultationPittsburgh is the second biggest city in Pennsylvania and is called the “Steel City” and the “City of Bridges” as it home to many steel companies and has many bridges. There are a lot of moving companies in Pittsburgh also and with a population of more than 2 million, you are sure to need the services of a moving company. Moving is not a simple job and there are a lot of things that have to be taken into account while moving. One of the foremost things is to choose the right kind of local or long distance moving company in Pittsburgh and the right kind of vehicle.

How To Choose a Moving Company

Check their References – There are many scam companies that operate via the internet and most of the time, they ask for money to be paid beforehand. Whenever a company stipulates that some money has to be paid even before the movers come to your house or they ask that you pay them a deposit, ask for their company details and references. Genuine local or cross country moving companies in Pittsburgh will be willing to give you at least five references whom you can call and verify. You can also go online and check any reviews that are written about the company.

  1. Start Selecting Beforehand – This will give you plenty of time to choose another local or long distance moving company Pittsburgh if you find that they do not appear to be efficient or genuine.
  2. Take a look at Service History – Most Pittsburgh cross country moving companies will usually have a list displayed online. This will give you an idea of whether they have moved things over such distances and what moving services they are good at providing.
  3. Check their Contact Details – Genuine companies will always give you their physical location along with telephone numbers and email information. When only the website contact information is given, beware as it could be a scam company with no physical location that you can go and check out. However, if the Pittsburgh long distance moving company provides you with a proper address in response to your email enquiry, do take the time to go and check it out in person.
  4. Ask for Recommendations – This will come in useful especially when you do not want to hire a particular company.You canalso check out www.movingscam.comwhich will give you insights about scams so that you can be prepared.

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Choosing the Right Vehicle

This is one of the crucial decisions that you will have to take and it is best to do it after the company has taken an estimate of your house. Check whether the van or truck of your choice is available on the date of your move. It is better to book a month ahead so that your vehicle will be available for you.

If you are qualified to drive a moving van, it will greatly reduce your moving expenses. Thoroughly inspect the vehicle before you start on the journey and ask the company about their on-road services in case of an emergency.  If the journey is too long for you to handle on your own, enlist the help of a friend who can spare the time for the trip.

How To Avoid Problems You Might Encounter While Moving

It is common to encounter a few problems while moving but when you take a few precautions and follow some common guidelines, you can avoid them.

  • Prevention: The first step in solving a problem is to prevent it from happening in the first place. For example, one of the common problems that you might encounter while moving is getting chipped or scratched furniture. Movers will not be handling your stuff gently unless you specify “fragile” on the box. So ensure that fragile and expensive items are packed well and are marked “fragile” or even “this way up” so that they will be handled with care. You can also use padded crates to make sure that they will survive the long journey. Tip: You can also use ordinary crates and use clothes to act as padding.
  • Thinking Ahead – When you think ahead and sort out the items that have to be packed and moved, you can actually avoid a lot of problems. You can prioritize your packing items and pack the ones that you really need at the very end.
  • Discarding Unnecessary Items– The lesser the items that you have, the lesser the problems will be. Also when the moving load is lighter, you will also have to pay less as the volume also counts. For example, rather than worrying about your furniture, you can always discard and donate. This way, you do not have to worry about your furniture arriving in one piece or in the same condition that it was packed in. sometimes, the cost of packing and moving furniture will almost be equal to the rate of new ones.
  • Getting Organized – You can categorize and organize the various items that you have to pack. You can even categorize them date-wise so that you can pack stuff like old books and curios at least a month before the move.                 Also start the packing from the top of the house like the attic and work your way downstairs. Generally the attic is the least used room and so should be easy and convenient to have it packed off first.

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How far away from Pittsburgh, PA?

Moving from Pittsburgh PA to Charleston, WV 3 h 30 min, 227.9 mi
Moving from Pittsburgh PA to Harrisburg, PA 3 h 20 min, 203.5 mi
Moving from Pittsburgh PA to Nashville, TN 8 h 53 min, 560.7 mi
Moving from Pittsburgh PA to New York, NY 6 h, 371.3 mi
Moving from Pittsburgh PA to Ocean City, MD 6 h 33 min, 376.6 mi
Moving from Pittsburgh PA to Philadelphia, PA 4 h 55 min, 304.3 mi
Moving from Pittsburgh PA to Princeton, NJ 5 h 20 min, 337.4 mi
Moving from Pittsburgh PA to Punxsutawney, PA 1 h 32 min, 79.2 mi

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