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Free moving consultationRockford is the third largest city in Illinois and has seen a large population growth over the last decade. The professional moving staff at Rockford Cross Country Moving Companies takes the time to completely know all the details of your move and we are committed to making sure every customer is fully satisfied with our professional moving services. Our services begin with the very first time you have contact with our customer service staff and continues until after we deliver your belongings to your new home or office or deliver to storage. We work hard to make sure that your move is easily done and as stress free as possible. When Rockford Cross Country Moving Companies handles the move for you, you can rest assured that everything will be handled with care, top quality and that the price will be competitively fair and agreed on from the very start.

Complete Residential and Office Moving

  • Local and Long Distance Moves
  • Home and Office
  • Free Price Quotes
  • Secure handling of all furniture and belongings
  • On time services including packing, loading and delivery
  • Professional packing and crating of household items, furniture and appliances
  • Large items including paino, pool table, furniture, apartments, laboratory equipment’s and more
  • Storage Facility Access
  • International Personal Moves
  • Automobile Transport and International Shipping

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How We Prepare for the Move

Prior to loading your belongings onto the moving truck, we carefully make sure that everything is ready to go by ensuring the following:

  • We make sure that all furniture has been wrapped if needed in order to make sure it will be safely transported without the risk of scratches or other damage. We also want to make sure it is fully protected from rain and other weather, dirt and debris during transport.
  • We make sure you have the right boxes and crating supplies to pack all of your personal items before they are loaded. We want to make sure that nothing is loose and able to fly around once it is loaded for transport.
  • We will double-check your home or office to ensure that nothing has been left behind once the truck has been loaded.

We want your move to be easy for you and we strive to make sure that we do our jobs the right way in order to provide the best moving experience with the safest outcome for you and your belongings.

How far away from Rockford, IL?

Moving from Rockford, IL to Minneapolis, MN 5 h 5 min (336.2 mi)
Moving from Rockford, IL to Chicago, IL 1 h 40 min (88.1 mi)
Moving from Rockford, IL to Bloomington, IL 2 h 7 min (131.5 mi)
Moving from Rockford, IL to Phoenix, AZ 25 h (1,749.3 mi)
Moving from Rockford, IL to Beloit, WI 30 min (17.6 mi)
Moving from Rockford, IL to Houston, TX 16 h 11 min (1,070.4 mi)
Moving from Rockford, IL to Freeport, IL 35 min (27.8 mi)
Moving from Rockford, IL to Milwaukee, WI 1 h 37 min (95.9 mi)

Moving Tips

  • Plan your move in advance
  • Plan where you want everything to be unloaded when it arrives at the new home or office
  • Pack things securely yet loosely to make sure that boxes are not over-filled
  • Don’t pack boxes too heavily as they can be unsteady or dangerous to the movers
  • Use sturdy boxes only
  • Make sure you label all boxes so you know where they need to be when unloaded
  • Plan ahead with utilities to make sure you have them when you arrive at the new location
  • Keep your pets out of the area where the movers will be to ensure they can do their jobs efficiently
  • Make sure that heavy and large items are loaded first
  • Make dinner plans for the day that your items will be unloaded. That way, you can relax instead of trying to rush and unpack to cook a meal
  • Plan on being at the home or office when the movers arrive to load the truck and when they arrive at the new location to unload the truck
  • Let the local or cross country movers know where specific boxes or furniture will go when unloaded

For all your moving needs you can rely on Rockford Local & Cross Country Moving Companies when you need professional moving services and the best in competitive pricing. For a free price quote fill out the form on this page or give us a call today.

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