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 Santa Cruz, CA Cross Country Moving Companies


Irrespective of whether you are moving to Santa Cruz, CA, as a business, family or individual the transition can be much smoother when you team up with us. With over 20 years of top-rated long distance moving company services in Santa Cruz, we can provide you with cost-effective residential and commercial moves to and from this city to any part of the continent.

If you are looking for a streamlined solution to move at reasonable costs, you have surely come to the right place! We are well-renowned in Santa Cruz and our premium long distance moving services are unmatched in the industry in terms of price as well as efficiency.

Teaming up with us to make your move simple will cut out much of the hassle you might otherwise go through because our efficient customer-focused team of professionals offer you the best logistics as well as services. Add to streamlined services our reasonable costs, and you have in a nutshell the solution to your Santa Cruz local and cross country moving requirements.

Things To Remember Before Moving Long Distance

Santa Cruz, CA Moving Consultation Moving across the state or country carries with it many concerns as to the safety of your goods as well as the time and costs of moving. Apart from this, you would also be preoccupied with plans to settle down in a new home and get your life in order. Leaving the job up to Cross Country Moving Companies will give you all the time you need to concentrate on all these jobs while we take care of the rest. We simplify the move in or out of Santa Cruz, CA by offering services that will put your mind at ease:

  • Complete insurance for your goods.
  • Safe and professional packing materials while our professional packers secure your goods thoroughly.
  • Careful transport of delicate items.
  • Transport of electronics, household and computer equipment.
  • Storage facilities – long and short term.
  • Antiques, collectibles, rare items, libraries & art collections
  • Oversize & heavy moving: pianos, pool tables, safes, hot tubs, home
  • High-suspension vehicles that ensure your goods are not damaged by bad roads.
  • Real-time status updates of vehicle movement.
  • Highly efficient Auto transportation service.
  • Free & Cheap moving estimates and pricing well within your budget.
  • Services provided for various industries, residential as well as commercial

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Hiring A Cross Country Mover in Santa Cruz, CA – 

Hiring a cross country or inter state moving company requires forethought and proper planning so that your move is smooth and hassle-free. Here are some things that you can do before you choose your long distance moving company or finalize on prices:

  • Compare quotations from different Santa Cruz long distance moving service providers.
  • Check out different options available to you and be informed about what is required with moving at Protect Your Move.
  • Get an estimate of your belongings so that you can get a ballpark figure of what it might cost you, even after your shortlist inter-state moving companies.
  • Ensure that your goods are insured before moving them.

We have a vast network of shipment methods, routes and advanced mechanisms and logistics that can get you the best local or long distance services at the best prices across America. Countless people have made moving simple with our efficient services and moving solutions. Check out our testimonials if you would like to see what others have to say about their experience with us.

How far away from Santa Cruz, CA ?

Moving from Santa Cruz, CA to Boston, MA 5,083.5 km, 47 h
Moving from Santa Cruz, CA to Denver, CO 2,058.2 km, 19 h 17 min
Moving from Santa Cruz, CA to Las Vegas, NV 868.2 km, 8 h 18 min
Moving from Santa Cruz, CA to Los Angeles, CA 555.2 km, 5 h 37 min
Moving from Santa Cruz, CA to Miami, FL 4,822.6 km, 44 h
Moving from Santa Cruz, CA to Philadelphia, PA 4,722.2 km, 43 h
Moving from Santa Cruz, CA to Portland, OR 1,118.2 km, 10 h 51 min
Moving from Santa Cruz, CA to San Diego, CA 747.9 km, 8 h 17 min
Moving from Santa Cruz, CA to San Francisco, CA 118.0 km, 1 h 23 min
Moving from Santa Cruz, CA to San Jose, CA 51.4 km, 37 min

Are you looking for a professional local or long distance mover in Santa Cruz, CA for residential or business use? Dial 1-888-316-9603 & Get a cheap quote from cross country mover in Santa Cruz, CA.

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