Tips to Hire a Professional Moving Company

Tips to Hire a Professional Moving CompanyWhen making a long-distance move, it is more often than not beneficial to enlist the help of professional movers if you can afford to do so.  However, movers tend to be part of an industry known for shoddy work ethic, sketchy business practices, and outright scams.  There are some key points that you will want to verify and address before hiring a professional moving company if you want to avoid doing business with a less than reputable company.

Phone Protocol

One of the first points of contact you will have with a mover will more than likely be by phone.  Be wary of those that don’t answer using the company name, but instead use more generic terms like, “Moving Company” or “Movers.”  Without a name in your arsenal, it is much harder to locate reviews, information about the company, and hold them accountable for what they offer and promise.

In-Person Inspection

It is also in your best interest to request an onsite inspection prior to having the company provide you with a quote.  This is the most accurate way for a mover to assess the cost, and if they would rather quote you sight unseen, it could be an indicator that the quote will not be accurate come moving day.  Having the company perform an in-person inspection also allows you to view their professionalism and see if you feel comfortable entrusting all your valuables and possessions into their care.

Cash-Only/Large Deposits

You should also be suspicious of companies who request cash-only payments ahead of time, or require large deposits before services are rendered.  A legitimate company would not expect or require you to pay in cash or demand money prior to providing a service.  This can be extremely dangerous, because there is nothing to stop the company from taking your money and running, without following through on their guarantee.

Online Reviews

Although, there can be a number of reasons a company may receive a negative review, extensive history of unsatisfied customers is definitely cause for concern.  Online review sites, as well as the Better Business Bureau, are all good places to do a little research in order to determine a pattern of service with the company you are considering.

Extremely Low Quotes

If you are completing proper due diligence and calling for multiple quotes from different companies, it is tempting to go with the lowest promised price to save money.  However, if the quote is drastically lower than others you have obtained, there is definitely cause for concern.  Moving companies are not by nature inexpensive due to the vast undertaking each job requires, and a company promising a rate too good to be true, may be just that-too good to be true.

Visit Business

Finally, take some time and visit the company’s headquarters or local office.  A reputable company will have trucks proudly bearing the logo/name of the company to maximize exposure while on the road.  A less than reliable company may only have plain trucks, or even rental trucks at their disposal.  A visit to the company also gives you a chance to see their employees in action, and peruse the office to make sure everything seems on the up-and-up.

By following these simple tips, and watching for red flags, you should be able to enlist the help of a great moving company that fits with your needs perfectly.


Image Courtesy: / Stuart Miles