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Moving Valuables that are Difficult to Shift in Toledo, Ohio

Toledo, Ohio Long Distance Moving Company

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Toledo, Ohio Moving ConsultationToledo has the prestigious distinction of being the fourth most populated city in the state of Ohio. Toledo was originally part of Monroe County when it was founded in 1833 but later on became part of Ohio after the Toledo war in 1837. Toledo is a prosperous city situated near Lake Erie and has thriving businesses like glass and auto parts which have boosted its economy. The city’s science center, zoo and botanical gardens are worth visiting while in Toledo.

Toledo is a city that one not only loves to visit but also to live in. That is why you will find a lot of Toledo, OH long distance moving companies having extensive networks and branches that touch the heart of the city.

Local & Cross Country Moving Companies in Toledo, OH

In general, you will find that it is a big help when local or long distance moving companies in Toledo, OH ask you to leave everything in their hands and just relax. However, you might find that it is not such a good idea when you have items like a motorcycle, a grand piano or even a boat that has to be shipped. Most Toledo cross country moving companies will be prepared to pack everything from a pin to the largest electronic item that you own. However, you will be surprised to know that not all know how to move a motorcycle. Even if you were to ask them whether they can do the job, you will only get an answer in the affirmative but you must know for sure before you can entrust them with your precious motorcycle or your grand piano.

Finding Out the Truth

To find out the truth, you will have to give them a small visit and ask to see their packing materials and if you are lucky, you might get to see them in action too. Now all you have to do is a little detective work and ask the movers how they pack things like motorcycles and pianos. If they were to answer that they just wrap it up and toss it into the van, you can start looking for another local or cross country mover. Or you can go to option two and leave the small minor packing to them and go to the specialists who pack only difficult items like for motorcycles, cars and pianos. Jack of all trades is fine when it comes to moving books and clothes, but there are times that you will require the services of a master.

Moving a Motorcycle

Motorcycles will require special crates with straps to hold it in place and even a reinforced pallet base. If you move a lot, then you can buy ones that can be reused which will be a little bit more expensive than the ones that can be used only for one time. In case you are not able to get movers who use such crates, then the other option is to pad the motorcycle with thick blankets and secure them to the side of the van using straps so that they will not get damaged during the journey.

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Note: If you are moving the motorcycle across international borders or you have booked a fast van, then crates are mandatory. Blankets are fine only if you are moving across the town or for short distances.

Moving a Piano

When moving a piano, one must take care not to damage the exterior and the thousand moving parts on the interior. To make things more difficult, pianos are very heavy and they seem to be susceptible to scratches and nicks. Grand pianos are usually unstable as they are top heavy and most of them weigh over a thousand pounds. They can be packed using special blankets designed for moving or you can also make do with thick blankets which you own.

Use plenty of packing tape and make sure that the corners are well padded and covered. As this is an extremely heavy object, and even if you were to move only a spinet piano, it would still weigh around 300 pounds, you would need plenty of hands to help you out. Keep the moving truck opened with the ramp already in place and make sure that everyone has a good grip on the piano. You can keep stopping and adjusting your grip so that there is no chance for the piano to slip through your fingers.

Moving Antiques

Antiques need special care and as some of them are fragile due to their age, they must be handled differently than ordinary items. The best way to pack them is to wrap them with plenty of paper to provide padding and then using blankets for added [adding. Then the antiques have to be shrink wrapped so that there will be no damages or even a small scratch when they arrive. You can also pack them in crates and then using fillers or packing peanuts so that the objects are secure and cannot move.

Moving Cars

This is a relatively easy job if you hire Toledo cross country movers who specialize only in moving cars. Usually enclosed or open containers which can transport several cars at a single go are used. The cars are securely strapped in and in cases of open containers, will even have a blanket covering them.

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How far away from Toledo, Ohio?

Moving from Toledo, OH to Atlanta, GA 9 h 55 min, 663.2 mi
Moving from Toledo, OH to Buffalo, NY 4 h 51 min, 305.4 mi
Moving from Toledo, OH to Charlotte, NC 9 h 7 min, 567.3 mi
Moving from Toledo, OH to Orlando, FL 16 h 9 min, 1,100.7 mi
Moving from Toledo, OH to Philadelphia, PA 8 h 21 min, 531.2 mi
Moving from Toledo, OH to Pittsburgh, PA 3 h 35 min, 233.4 mi
Moving from Toledo, OH to Sandusky, OH 1 h 5 min, 55.3 mi
Moving from Toledo, OH to Washington, DC 7 h 50 min, 468.0 mi

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