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Troy NY Moving ConsultationTroy, New York has a long and rich history, having been established back in 1789. Since it is also located in the capital district of the state, there are many tourists and always something interesting to see or do. This is also likely why the area sees more than its fair share of the estimated 40 million people who move each year in the United States.

This is also why Troy, New York long distance moving companies offer complete solutions for both residential and commercial movers. Consider the fact that Troy Cross Country Moving Companies has more than 25 years of experience in this industry and will offer among the lowest priced moving services around.

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Tax Deductions While Moving In Troy, New York:

Believe it or not, you might qualify for taking an income tax deduction as the result of your move. You might be moving across the country or even returning from some time away. Take a look at some of these consideration which will influence your ability to qualify:

  • Importance of distance—The first basic test is that your new home must be at least 50 miles away from your old home and office. As an example, if your new home is 60 miles away from your old home and 55 miles away from new job, you meet this criteria.
  • Time also matters—As an employee, you are required to have put in at least 39 weeks of work in the first year. However, this does not need to be with the same employer. Self-employed people need to have put in at least 78 weeks of work during their first two years and at least 39 of that must have been in the first year.

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 Moving Expenses To Claim:

Here are a number of moving expenses that may be claimed as deductions on your taxes. Just be sure to keep all receipts and documents as proof of substantiation.

  • Travel Expenses: Whatever travel expenses were reasonably incurred can be deducted. However, you are required to use the most direct route and to use conventional transportation. It is not required that all family members need to move at the same time or use the same methods of transportation.
  • Car Mileage: Claim either the standard rate per mile (currently, 24 cents, but check to be sure) or the actual expenses incurred. Most people will probably come out ahead by using the standard rate, especially during a longer distance move.
  • Packing Costs: This is the charges incurred from the moving company and any outside help you may have hired to prepare your items for transport.
  • Installation & Disconnect Charges: There are likely going to be a number of things needing professionals to come and uninstall in your old home and then re-install in your new location. These expenses may be deducted as well.

How far away form Troy, NY?

Moving from Troy NY to Albany, NY 14 min, 7.7 mi
Moving from Troy NY to Atlanta, GA 15 h 11 min, 1,011.0 mi
Moving from Troy NY to Boston, MA 2 h 49 min, 173.9 mi
Moving from Troy NY to Chicago, IL 12 h 39 min, 821.1 mi
Moving from Troy NY to Cincinnati, OH 11 h 12 min, 720.2 mi
Moving from Troy NY to New York, NY 2 h 52 min, 157.5 mi
Moving from Troy NY to Rochester, NY 3 h 30 min, 230.8 mi
Moving from Troy NY to Syracuse, NY 2 h 20 min, 149.2 mi

Our Top Rated Long Distance Moving Company Services:

Residential Services: Moving services for moving homes, apartments, home furniture’s, moving big items like pool table, piano, hot tub and more

Commercial Services: Moving services for moving office, furniture’s, business’s, computers etc…

Auto Transportation services: Auto mobile transportation and car shipping services across the country USA.

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