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Virginia Beach, VA moving consultationThe independent city of Virginia Beach is said to be one of the most highly populated cities in the state of Virginia. The city is located in what is known as “America’s First Region” and has many beautiful beaches and resorts.  The long distance moving companies in Virginia Beach are experienced in handling a high ratio of people who have had to move.  The companies handle interstate moves,   local moves and even international moves with ease and expertise. However, even with the right company on your side, moving can be quite a big job. So here are a few tips that will enable you to get the job done easily when you have to move.

Checklist for Moving Your Office

While moving offices, one has to take into consideration various aspects such as the area of the new office, the various departments in the office and the number and type of equipments that will have to be uninstalled and reinstalled in the new place. So to make the move easier, here is a small checklist that we recommend that you keep with you till the move is over.

1. Coordinator – Ask one of the office members to be in charge of the move as the coordinator.

2. Packing Materials – Get various kinds of packing materials to pack computer equipment, specialized equipments, office stationery, breakables and un-breakables. Each kind of item will require a different kind of packing material.  Usually you will need –

  • Small boxes, medium boxes and  large boxes– corrugated and smooth ones
  • Packing tapes and tape dispenser
  • Packing paper and bubble wrap
  • Labels for labeling each and every item and box

3. Categorize the office equipment into two groups –

  • Equipment that will require a professional to uninstall and reinstall. Contact the respective local or cross country moving companies in Virginia Beach so that their people will come before the move and uninstall the items for you. Most of them will also get your equipment installed in the new place.
  • Equipment that can just be unplugged and put into a box. This will include equipment such as computers but you will have to take a backup copy of all that is in it. However, when the move is a long one, then it is better to get the computer vendor to get the job done.

4. Original Boxes – As far as possible pack copiers, fax machines and computers into their original boxes if you have them.

5. Moving Insurance – Generally any Virginia Beach long distance moving company will have an insurance policy that will cover for damages occurred during transit. However, the amount that will be covered will be calculated by the weight of the article and not by the worth. So even if you have a $3000 worth of equipment weighing 50 pounds, you will only get a cover of $30. So consider getting a short term insurance policy that will cover all your expensive equipment.

6. Packers or Employees – Decide whether it is going to be your employees or the moving professionals who are going to do the packing for you. Sometimes expensive equipments are best left at the hand of professionals and at other times, your employees will be the experts in knowing how to pack delicate and fragile pieces.

7. Filing Cabinets – Filing cabinets can be moved with their entire contents in them as long as you can safely lock them.

8. Plants – as much as you would like to have them with you wherever you go, most moving companies do not like to move them.

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Checklist for Moving Your Home

You might think that packing and moving a house is easy when compared to an office but there are still many things that have to be taken into consideration. However, unlike an office, you do not have to leave things at the last moment to pack. You can start packing items that are rarely used by you such as your collection of books and winter clothes as soon as you know that you have to move. So here is the checklist that you will find useful for moving houses –

1. Discard – there is no need to pack stuff that you no longer need and no longer use. So you can discard them or donate them to a nearby charity.

2. Divide the Packing Zone – divide the packing room-wise so that you can start with the room that you use the least.

3. Prioritize your Packing – similarly pack items that you do not need and will not miss till you reach your new home. Allot a section to each room as the packing corner and keep all your packing materials there.

4. Buy or Collect Packing Materials – You can buy labels, tapes and bubble wrap. However, boxes can be collected while shopping or you can reuse your old packing boxes if you have them.

5. Check Insurance – check with your movers whether all your belongings will be covered.

6. Pack Essentials Separately – this will have to be packed in the end and they will include things that you might need on the journey and the very first things that you will need to use in the new house. These can include things such as –

  • Towels and toiletries
  • Snacks, tea and coffee items
  • Utensils such as plates and cups
  • An overnight bag

7. Packing important things – keep things such as documents and certificates with you all the time. Instead of giving them to the movers, you can take them with you.

Labeling – A Much Neglected Packing Need

Most often, you will find that packers will not label the boxes to your satisfaction as they will be concentrating on getting the item packed effectively. So the labeling will have to be your job whether you are moving office or home. Ideally the labels should have the following information so that it will be easier to unpack.

  • Name of the employee or person to whom the box belongs
  • Contents of the box
  • The room/department the box has to go to
  • Instructions on how it has to be handled
  • Indication of when it has to be unpacked, such as urgent materials or something that can wait.

How far away from Virginia Beach, VA?

Moving from Virginia Beach, VA to Baltimore, MD 5 h 34 min, 248.3 mi
Moving from Virginia Beach, VA to Buffalo, NY 11 h 12, 581.3 mi
Moving from Virginia Beach, VA to Charlotte, NC 5 h 35 min, 342.4 mi
Moving from Virginia Beach, VA to Indianapolis, IN 12 h 10, 733.8 mi
Moving from Virginia Beach, VA to Louisville, KY 10 h 59, 668.5 mi
Moving from Virginia Beach, VA to Ocean City, MD 2 h 54 min, 144.0 mi
Moving from Virginia Beach, VA to Raleigh, NC 3 h 17 min, 202.2 mi
Moving from Virginia Beach, VA to Washington, DC 4 h 20 min, 208.4 mi

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