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Winston-Salem is renowned as the “city of arts and innovation” with its music centers, colonial heritage sites and technology advancements and research. It is a good place to retire in as voted by CBS MoneyWatch in 2012. Winston-Salem is located in the state of North Carolina and is the county seat of Forsyth County. It has its share of museums and attractions to offer the visitor in places like Old Salem which is a National Historic venue.

Animal lovers will love it here but when you have to move locally or even internationally, moving pets can be a problem. Most people will only think of giving their pets to a local shelter or find new homes for them. However, you can take your pet with you if you approach the right people. They will be able to educate you on the laws governing the move of a pet or you can directly approach the state’s Veterinary Office and get it.

Here are some of our more popular local and cross country mover services in the Winston Salem, NC area.

  • Records & collection relocation
  • Home & office furniture moving
  • Safes, hot tubs, pool tables, pianos and other oversize items
  • Swing sets and outdoor furniture
  • Computers, electronics & peripherals
  • Apartment, home & condo moving
  • Warehouse inventory relocation & retail moving
  • College & university students
  • Local & state to state moving services
  • International and overseas relocation
  • Military moving
  • Express service and rush jobs available
  • Insurance coverage for all items & every move
  • and more…

Moving Pets Internationally

There is no question about it that one has to appoint the services of movers who specialize in moving pets across international borders. Commercial airlines do offer live animal air shipment but it is better to go through the procedure with an experienced agent at your side. Moving agents will know all the rules and regulations that airlines have and will also know all the documents that will be needed.

Pet movers will offer the usual packages as offered by cargo movers such as door to door services, terminal to terminal services, door to terminal and terminal to door. When you want the full package, that is, door to door, the cost will start from $2495 and can be more depending upon the destination. The cheapest package is terminal to terminal which can cost around $1395 and more, depending upon the location and destination airport. The door to terminal and the terminal to door packages will both cost the same, such as $1895 or more depending upon the place of origin and the destination.

Variations in Cost – The cost also varies depending upon the pet, the breed, the age, the weight and the number of pets that you need transported. If you want any specialized type of kennel, that will also add to the cost. Apart from air freight charges, you will also be required to pay for any care that you will want to be given to the pet during transit. This is essential when the journey is long and the pet does not get to see you during transit.

Note: Certain countries may require you to present an international health certificate for your pet. You might also have to quarantine the pet for a stipulated period before you can take the pets into the country.

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Moving Pets Locally

Even if the move is from one state to another, pets have to be given special care during relocation. They cannot be shut up in a crate and then tossed into a truck. Pet movers will have to focus on the well being of the animal and give care during the journey. Again you can opt for the various packages such as terminal to terminal, door to door or a combination of the two. You can transport your pet by air or even by truck, although air will be faster and less traumatic.

Moving an Aquarium

While it may be cheaper to buy new fish and set up a new aquarium, pet owners who are sentimental will want to see their old fish in their new house. To move fish, you can contact a pet store and ask them to transport the fish for you. Also when you set up the aquarium in your new house, you will have to treat it like a new one and wait for the water to get conditioned for at least two weeks. When you move them, put the fish in sealed bags which are half-filled with water and half-filled with air. Then put the bag into a padded container which can maintain an even temperature and then take it to the ship or plane. Try not to feed the fish during the move as they will be under a lot of stress. Instead feed them well prior to packing and they will be able to survive without food for up to a week.

Which Kind of Pets can be Transported?

Literally, you can transport any kind of animal that you are raising as pet, even a horse. However, you might be required to apply for a special permit if the pet happens to be a monkey, wolf or an anaconda. Also you might be able to transport the animal to your new house but you might not be allowed to keep a pet. So find out beforehand from your new landlord about keeping pets or else take a house that allows you to keep one. Sometimes, the landlord may not object but pets such as chickens and goats may not be allowed in a residential area. Also there are some countries that may not permit you to bring tarantulas, iguanas or poisonous snakes.

How far away from?

Moving from Winston Salem, NC to Charleston, SC 4 h 22 min, 287.0 mi
Moving from Winston Salem, NC to Durham, NC 1 h 17 min, 80.5 mi
Moving from Winston Salem, NC to Greensboro, NC 34 min, 29.2 mi
Moving from Winston Salem, NC to Memphis, TN 9 h 41 min, 647.2 mi
Moving from Winston Salem, NC to Myrtle Beach, SC 3 h 45 min, 213.5 mi
Moving from Winston Salem, NC to Nashville, TN 6 h 38 min, 436.1 mi
Moving from Winston Salem, NC to Orlando, FL 8 h 44 min, 602.6 mi
Moving from Winston Salem, NC to Raleigh, NC 1 h 41 min, 103.4 mi

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About Winston Salem NC – Winston-Salem is a city in and the county seat of Forsyth County, North Carolina, United States.[5] With a 2013 estimated population of 236,441, it is the second largest municipality in the Piedmont Triad region and the fourth largest city in the state. – Things to do in Greensboro NC guide including details on Raleigh events, hotels and restaurants, attractions, dining, meetings, transportation, maps and more. – – Stats about Winston-Salem North Carolina

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